Foxtail Palm Tree For Sale

Foxtail Palm Tree For Sale

The Foxtail palm tree has grown in popularity over the last few years. Its stunning beauty and rapid growing nature make it highly desirable.

Palmco has foxtail palm trees for sale on our 600 acre palm plantation. Located in the tropical Florida climate, on magnificent Pine Island, it’s no wonder that we are considered one of the nation’s largest palm purveyors.

People come from all over the world to purchase our palms.

We have provided palms for installations small and large. Perhaps it is our 30+ years of experience that draws people to us. Of course, it’s probably the wonderful customer service they receive from the very beginning of the process.

Our palm experts can answer all of your questions and give you great recommendations for your USDA grow zone and landscape or architectural design needs.

Foxtail Palm Facts

Originating in Northeastern Australia, these palms are moderately drought tolerant and adapt easily to most installations. The greatest draw to the foxtail palm is quite probably the leaf scars. Though not unique to palm trees, as frond loss creates these scars, the foxtail’s are significantly different.

When exposed to the midday sun, these leaf scars exude an ethereal copper glow.

It is enchanting.

An aborigine with the last name of Wodyeti was supposedly the last man in his tribe who knew how to take care of these plants. That’s where the scientific name, Wodyeti bifurcata, came from. The second half of the name is a Latin-based word which means, “twice divided.” This was in reference to the structure of the leaves on the fronds of this palm which create a fluffy, foxtail, appearance.

Unlike many other plants, the foxtail delights in full sun.

When it is young it will utilize that exposure to speed up its already rapid growth. Of course it can survive in shaded areas as well. Be it in full sun or moderate shade, this tree will add a majestic look to your landscape designs. It will never dwarf your structures as its average growth is only 30 feet high. It will, however, draw attention to the area in which it is planted, so feel free to use it as a standalone piece (especially if you purchase one of our 9 headed versions).

Other Attention Grabbers

While the foxtail palm is certainly a gorgeous specimen, one in which we’ve cultivated much greater numbers of heads than most nurseries, your client might be looking for something different or seemingly more spectacular.

Perhaps the suggestions that follow will fulfill those requests:

Silver Bismarckia Palm– With silvery powder blue leaves, the Silver Bismarckia is sure to impress. Its distinct coloration is as unmistakable as it is unforgettable. Additionally, it’s fairly easy to maintain and notably cold hardy.

Bottle Palm– The swollen trunk of this palm that earns it the “bottle” name is unique. The bulbous look is something that is sure to draw attention. It’s a relatively short tree that is moderately drought tolerant as well.

Sylvestris Palm– Its scientific name, Phoenix Sylvestris, means purple and wild, respectively. Perhaps that wild nature is what makes it such a multi-functional species. It’s used to make wine, toddy, mats and bags. Using it for those purposes is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood.

If you’re set on finding a foxtail palm tree for sale, look no further than Palmco.

If you have questions, or would like to take a tour of our piece of paradise, give our palm experts a call.

They can be reached five days a week at (239) 283 1329.