Foxtail Palm Price

Foxtail Palm Price

The Foxtail Palm is a showstopper.

Its beautiful fronds give it its name because they resemble the bushy tail of a fox.

At Palmco, we offer the foxtail palm with as many as nine heads, while other growers may only offer singles, doubles, and triples. For questions about the price of our foxtail palms, call us today.

A mature Foxtail Palm has between 8 and 10 large canopy leaves that are about 15 to 20 feet long.

The tree grows rapidly to about 30 feet tall.

It produces white flowers at the top and colorful fruits that are either red or an orange-red color. The leaf scars on this palm tree will also reflect a copper color at mid-day, giving it a unique glow. It’s a great choice for any landscape that needs color.

Palmco offers the Foxtail Palm and over 20 other palm tree varieties throughout the United States. If your landscaping project needs a tropical touch, then a palm tree could be the perfect addition.

We have different sizes of palm trees available to fit virtually every shape and size that your project needs.

Quick-Growing Palm Trees

Quick-growing palms are useful in both large and small landscaping projects because they will fill the landscape quickly. The Foxtail Palm is known for being one of the fastest growing palm trees available.

The Northeastern Australia native is also self-cleaning and hardy.

It will thrive in full sun, but will also tolerate shady conditions. It has many of the same noble qualities as the Royal Palm, but it will not grow to be as large.

Fast-growing palm trees

  • King Palm Tree– The King Palm can grow about 2.5 feet per year, with a maximum height of about 40 feet.
  • Queen Palm Tree – The Queen Palm will grow 10 feet in about 7 years. Her maximum height is also about 40 feet.
  • Royal Palm Tree – The Royal Palm is a moderately fast-growing palm that reaches 50 to 70 feet tall.
  • Montgomery Palm – The Montgomery is also a quick grower that will reach 25 feet in total height when fully grown.
  • Washingtonia– The Washingtonia or Mexican Fan Palm is a fast growing palm tree. It will reach a staggering 70 to 100 feet when it is fully grown, and is ideal for very large, open spaces.

Palm trees that grow quickly allow landscapers to provide a finished, tropical look without having to put full-grown palms in place right away. These are also useful for large residential landscaping projects where new plant growth is important.

Slow growing palm trees may need to be purchased at maturity to have the same effect.

Palmco offers all of these fast-growing palm tree varieties at various stages in their development. The price for the Foxtail Palm may vary based on its size and number of heads.

For more information, give us a call at 239-283-4594, or feel free to visit us at our palm plantation in Bokeelia, Florida.

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