Doral Palm Trees For Sale

If you have ever driven around Doral, FL, you have probably seen many palm tree varieties, some of which you may not know by name. At Palmco, we offer palm trees, bamboo, and mast trees for sale. We can recommend the best species for your specific needs. We have both large and small palm tree species that we supply to our clients wholesale. A tall palm tree is considered at least 20 feet tall. 

Tips for Choosing Palm Trees

Doral Palm Trees For SaleLandscapers consider multiple factors when choosing palm trees for their commercial projects in Doral, FL. For starters, they consider planting zones. Palmco offers excellent resources to help commercial developers and landscape architects determine the best palm trees for their planting zones. Commercial developers in cold areas often choose cold-hardy palm trees for their projects. 

Palm trees can be fast, moderate, or slow-growing. Landscapers looking for instant gratification usually plant fast-growing varieties. In addition, consider whether the palm tree you want produces fruits or not. Fruit-producing palm trees should be planted where people will not often be walking. 

Many palm tree species are decorative. Landscape architects looking for aesthetic varieties should choose palm trees with visible trunks. This consideration determines the level of care accorded to the tree. 

Large Palm Tree Species

Alexander Palm Tree

Hailing from Australia this moderate growing palm will reach heights around 20 feet tall. It really likes narrow spaces and presents well in them thanks to its slender trunk and smaller canopy. The Alexander loves the sun but is not fond of cold winds. Though it naturally grows as a single, it can be manipulated to grow as doubles and triples. Plus, it’s versatile enough that it can even be used indoors as long as you provide it with a large container and enough time to acclimate to the indoor space. 

Chinese Fan Palm

The Chinese Fan Palm will often grow to 25 feet tall. It can do well in zones 9A to 11, and is very slow growing. These palms are originally from China and Southern Japan, hence the common name. It is also known as the Livistona palm. It’s easily recognizable because of its large, spreading canopies. The fronds definitely make a beautiful statement if they are cared for well.

Foxtail Palm 

The Foxtail is a Northeastern Australian native. It grows fast, easily adapts, and is stunningly beautiful. The popularity of this palm has grown exponentially over the last decade. One of the unique visual markings of the Foxtail palm is derived from its leaf scars. They will often reflect a copper color when the midday sun shines bright on their trunks. It gives these palms an otherworldly glow. This palm will get as tall as 30 feet and grows a lot faster when it is exposed to direct sunlight.

Palmco is a leading grower of palm trees, bamboo, and mast trees in Florida. We have some of the best quality palm tree species on the market. In addition, our nursery features state-of-the-art irrigation and fertilizing equipment to minimize the ecological impact of our nursery on the environment. 

Are you looking for palm trees for sale in Doral, FL? Please contact Palmco today to order.