Buy Asian Lemon Bamboo in Florida

Buy Asian Lemon Bamboo in Florida

If you need to buy Asian Lemon bamboo in Florida for one of your client installations or landscaping projects, Palmco is an excellent source. We work very hard at treating our customers right. While the quality of our plants put Palmco on the map, it’s our customer service that keeps us there.

Palmco produces over 600 acres of palms and bamboos. We are a family owned business with more than 30 years in this industry and three generations of growing experience. Located on beautiful Pine Island, we do what we can to ensure that our little island paradise is protected. This is why we practice “green” growing processes.

The processes and techniques we use help to reduce the potential for leaching of unwanted impurities into our sensitive surrounding environment. Plus, they help us decrease our own water usage, increase our soil moisture retention, and improve the fertility and richness of the soil for years to come.

An Asian Lemon Bamboo Tutorial

The Asian Lemon bamboo is a stunning specimen bamboo with eye-popping color that your clients will love!

This tightly clumping bamboo does not spread uncontrollably like running bamboo varieties. It is a native of Southern China and does best in USDA zones that don’t get below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Asian Lemon can reach heights of up to 25 feet tall. And, for this reason, it is a great choice for privacy screening. This is especially beneficial when you are looking to block the views into a second story window or hide a neighbor’s unsightly yard.

Though it is great for screening, it can also be used as a focal point. If this is the desired intention, we suggest you trim the lower branches to the desired height so that you can show off the thick-walled culms (canes).

New culms or shoots will have pink and peach tones with green stripes. However, once the bamboo has become established and culms have matured, they will become a lemon yellow with those same green stripes. With its dark green leaves, this bamboo is a beautiful addition to any home or garden.

While the bamboo is moderately hardy, it does prefer sun to partial shade. Thankfully, it can withstand some of those frosty temperature drops we occasionally experience here in Florida.

In its native habitat, the Asian Lemon bamboo is highly revered and treasured as an ornamental plant due to its distinct coloring and impressive height. It is attractive and strong and is definitely gaining popularity with home and business owners alike thanks to its bold colors.

So, if your clients are set on adding a bamboo that is both tall and remarkably attractive in its coloration, the Asian Lemon bamboo is a great choice. No doubt they will be pleased with the results it provides as it beautifies their landscapes.

You can buy Asian Lemon bamboo in Florida from Palmco. Give us a call today at 239.283.1329 and ask us about this eye-catching species of bamboo.