Boynton Beach Palm Tree Nursery

Boynton Beach Palm Tree Nursery

Palmco’s palm tree nursery is a great place to find plants for your Boynton Beach design project. When you need recommendations for palms that thrive in USDA Zone 10b, let us help you find the healthiest palms in Florida!

We are one of the largest palm plantations in North America, serving customers across the country and overseas.

We are located in the sleepy fishing and farming community of Bokeelia on the north end of Pine Island, Florida, where our environmentally conscious growing process allows us to offer you the finest, healthiest specimens.

Did you know there are nearly 3,000 known palm tree species in the world?

They belong to the Arecaceae family, also called the Palmae or Palmaceae family. Widely used in landscaping for their exotic look, palm trees are among the best known and extensively cultivated plants, and most people associate them with tropical landscapes. But how do you choose the perfect palms, and how should you care for them?

Choosing Palms for Zone 10b

At Palmco, we pride ourselves on growing and delivering over 40 species of the choicest Florida palm trees. We specialize in common and exotic species that are sure to turn your landscape into a tropical showpiece.

Visit our farm to see unusual varieties, such as the rare Mule Palm (xButiagrus nabonnandii), a hybrid from the Pindo and the Queen palms. These “parent” palms produced an exceptionally cold hardy offspring that is prized by its owners for its massive caliper and beautiful pinnate fronds.

Other stunners include Adonidia, also called the Christmas Palm, which often has a double or triple trunk, the Foxtail Palm, a showstopper with single or multiple trunks and stunning large, fluffy looking fronds, and the lush Areca Palm, with its dramatic wide canopy. Palmco is a leading supplier of field-grown Arecas in a variety of sizes.

Caring for Outdoor Palms

Use the following tips to care for all types of outdoor palm trees.