Bottle Palm For Sale

Bottle Palm For Sale

Bottle Palms are easy to recognize because of their swollen trunks that resemble a bottle.

They are also one of the shorter palm trees available for sale, reaching only about 12 feet when fully grown. The unique size and shape make this palm a perfect addition to smaller outdoor landscaping projects, like courtyards or patios, or as an indoor accent plant.

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Bottle Palm Care

This little palm tree is not only uniquely shaped, but is very low maintenance.

Its fronds are self-cleaning, and it requires very little pruning. However, it may need to be sprayed with water periodically to ward off insects. Spider mites and other small insects may attempt to live in the stems of the fronds, but keeping the fronds dust free will help prevent this.

The Bottle Palm will require regular watering if it is not getting watered naturally.

A newly planted palm tree will require moist soil for at least the first six to eight months. Watering is especially important in the summer months because this is when the bottle palm tends to grow the most.

After the roots are established, watering about one inch per week will usually be adequate.

Surround the palm with mulch may also help keep the soil moist, but be sure to keep the mulch several inches away from the trunk’s base to allow the roots to get water. The Bottle Palm, like most palm trees, also prefers regular fertilization, usually about four times per year.

Slow-Growing Palm Trees

The Bottle Palm is a very slow grower.

It can take some time for the palm tree to produce its famous bottle shape. In fact, it will start out without any bulge at all.

The bottle shape will become more defined as the tree gets older, sometimes even after it has reached its fully grown height. Its slow growth is one of the reasons that this palm also does well in an indoor setting.

Other slow-growing palms include:

  • Canary Palm – This is another slow-growing beauty, but plant it outdoors because it can grow to be 40 feet tall.
  • Caranday Palm – This rare palm is a slow to moderate grower, but can reach heights of 30 feet tall. Its fan-shaped leaves make this variety especially striking.
  • European Fan Palm – The European Fan Palm is not only a slow grower, it is also very hardy. It adapts well to many types of growing environments.
  • Chinese Fan Palm – This slow-growing palm will reach about 25 feet tall. It will actually respond relatively well to poor soil but prefers sunny areas and nutrient-rich soil.

Many landscapers prefer slow-growing palm trees because they can better predict what the tree will look like in 5 or 10 years.

For more information about any of these slow-growing palms or to discuss the Bottle Palms we have for sale, call Palmco at (239) 283-1329.