Bambusa Nana Wholesale

Bambusa Nasa is one of the most stunning bamboo varieties on the market. It features tiny leaves and robust culms. Although the leaves of this bamboo variety do not usually have striations, new shoots often sprout with strong striations. The name and origin of this bamboo variety are not clear, although many people believe it comes from East Asia. At Palmco, we have a wide range of wholesale bamboo trees on our Pine Island, FL plantation. Our landscapers have many years of experience growing and caring for palm trees, bamboo, and mast trees.

What You Need to Know About Bambusa Nana

Bambusa Nana WholesaleNana bamboo is cold hardy to temperatures as low as 28 degrees Fahrenheit. They can grow to heights as tall as 25 feet on average. Most people use them for the purposes of specimens and centerpieces. This is probably due to the stunning appearance of this unique bamboo variety.

Thanks to its medium height, it is the perfect addition to any landscape whether commercial or residential. It has thick culms and small leaves. Near the ground you will find that it is nearly branchless. And, towards the top of the bamboo it tends to arch naturally, which gives it a broad canopy. Many people think it provides the Nana bamboo with an umbrella like appearance.

Because this bamboo is such a tight clumper it will have a very small footprint. This means you can plant multiple specimens in small spaces if you are hoping to create a screen or hedge for multistory structures. Though the leaves are quite small they are uniquely feathery to the touch.

Overall, the form of the Nana bamboo is quite majestic and will please any client you have who is looking for a unique bamboo for a commercial or residential landscape. They make beautiful statement and attention-getting pieces in any garden locale.

Why We Love Clumping Bamboos

  • Clumping bamboos spread very slowly.  Each new rhizome produces only one culm, located very close to its mother culm. They turn upward and become canes immediately, grow within a fairly tight, contained circle, and are easily maintained.
  • Clumping bamboos won’t creep more than a few inches per year. Running bamboos, in comparison, send shoots out underground, traveling as far as 15 to 20 feet from the main plant, producing new culms all along the way and can easily grow out of control.
  • When grown in optimal conditions, clumping bamboos will grow fast and reach their mature height in as little as 4 years. Species like Oldhamii Bamboo, for example, can grow 2 to 3 feet each day during the summer growing season!
  • Non-invasive clumping bamboos are native to tropical and semi-tropical regions of the world and can grow in a variety of conditions. They can grow in wetland areas, high mountain elevations, and in dry regions where droughts cause other crops to fail.
  • Bamboo does not need agricultural chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides) to thrive. Therefore, no chemicals leach into the soil or get into the environment.

Are you looking for quality wholesale bamboo, such as Bambusa Nana, palms, or mast trees for your customer’s landscape? Please contact Palmco today at (239) 283-1329 to place an order.