Bambusa Nana for Sale

Bambusa Nana is a beautiful bamboo species with erect growth making it an excellent option for privacy screens. Palmco has a wide range of bamboo tree species for sale in our Bokeelia, FL plantation, including Bambusa Nana. This plant has soft, fern-like leaves and sweet-tasting shoots and is a common feature in many homes and businesses in South East Asia countries such as Thailand. In the U.S., Bambusa Nana grows well in warm climates.

Growth and Maintenance

Bambusa Nana for SaleBambusa Nana is a relatively low-maintenance bamboo species that can grow to heights of about 26 feet, with a culm diameter of about 19 inches. It is a beautiful plant that provides excellent privacy screens with minimal maintenance. Many landscapers use Bambusa Nana to shed concrete walkways and driveways.

Flowering and Seeding

The lifecycle of Bambusa Nana is approximately 30 years. Once they mature, they begin to flower and seed. The seeds of this bamboo species are sweet and edible, and many insects lay their eggs on the seeds so that their hatched pupae can eat them. In addition, the seeds are food for rats, birds, and many other animal species. The sweetness of the Bambusa Nana seeds lowers their survival rates as more than 90 percent of the seeds are eaten by humans, animals, and insects.

Well-maintained Bambusa Nana makes beautiful privacy screens, which is why many commercial developers in the U.S. incorporate this plant in their landscaping projects. Landscapers usually plant this tree in shallow beds to control its growth. In addition, the Bambusa Nana is extremely low maintenance.

You do not need heavy machinery or advanced tools to plant Bambusa Nana. The best way to plant it is by using individual culms braced together at the planting location. Once planted, the culms will grow quickly within a few months and bush up, and this will leave you with a manageable and non-invasive bamboo screen. The best time to plant Bambusa Nana is during summer for maximum sunlight exposure during the growing stages.

Bambusa Nana’s foliage hangs like silk, giving your landscape a soft, silky appearance. In addition, this plant attracts many birds and insects into the landscape, making it highly eco-friendly. Bambusa Nana is a favorite among landscape architects because it creates a Zen feeling in any landscape. In addition, its leaves have white bands that reflect light giving the landscape a beautiful lighting effect.

Bambusa Nana grows exceptionally well in full or partial sunlight. In addition, it thrives in moist, well-drained soils. However, the downside of growing this bamboo variety is its cost. It is a relatively expensive bamboo variety because it is not native to the U.S. and is difficult to propagate.

Palmco grows and sells many varieties of bamboo species on our 600-acre plantation on Pine Island, FL, including Bambusa Nana. Our trees are high quality because they have been nurtured by experienced landscapers with exceptional knowledge of bamboo growth requirements. In addition, our nurseries feature state-of-the-art irrigation and fertilization technology, meaning they are supplied with the moisture and nutrients they need for healthy growth.

We specialize in growing quality mast trees, palm trees, and clumping bamboo. Our tree varieties are relatively low maintenance and hardy; we have the right palm, mast, and bamboo tree variety for a wide range of hardiness zones in the U.S. Our Bambusa Nana variety is non-invasive, meaning it will not overwhelm other tree varieties on your landscape.

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