Bambusa Nana Bamboo

Bambusa Nana, also called Thai Silk bamboo, is a beautiful bamboo plant with small leaves and tight growth habits. It is an eye-catching addition to any landscape and has an excellent privacy screen. At Palmco, we offer quality Bambusa Nana in our Pine Island, FL plantation. Many of our clients often ask our landscapers for tips on how to train or tether Thai Silk and other bamboo varieties. Here are some of the tips we usually offer.

Tips for Training Bamboo 

Bambusa Nana BambooWhen you think about trained or tethered bamboo, you may imagine the beautiful tropical archways seen in postcards or pictures on the Internet. Training or tethering bamboo involves weaving the plants together to form beautiful sculptures. Stores and buildings throughout the U.S. have incorporated this landscaping style into their green areas to create beautiful works of art and conversation pieces. Some landscape architects train or tether bamboo into attractive screens.

Not all bamboo species can be trained, and some are easier to train than others. Bambusa Nana is one of the bamboo tree species that can be trained or tethered.

Advantages of Tethering Bamboo

Some bamboo species can weep or bend with little sunlight exposure, and training or tethering bamboo can prevent them from bending or weeping. In addition, tethering your bamboo is an environmentally-friendly way of adding beautiful screens and archways to your landscape.

It is essential to start training your bamboo at an appropriate time. Avoid training your bamboo during the shooting season to prevent shoot and stem damage. The best time to start training your bamboo is as soon as they mature.

Tall bamboo species like Bambusa Nana can be easily trained or tethered because they usually bend over naturally once they reach a specific height. Trained Bambusa Nana can make beautiful tunnels and overgrown pathways and driveways.

Bambusa Nana is clumping bamboo, meaning it is not invasive. However, training or tethering bamboo involves regular maintenance to keep it in the required shape or size. Bambusa Nana is a tall bamboo species with vibrant foliage. It can withstand low temperatures, but it does well in tropical and sub-tropical climates. In addition, this bamboo species does not do well in frosty conditions.

Tips for Tethering Bamboo

As a tall bamboo species, Bambusa Nana tends to lean downwards with time. Fortunately, there are multiple ways of straightening the plant to prevent it from leaning over.

Landscapers often use stakes to straighten tall Bambusa Nana. This usually involves driving the stake deep to the ground and attaching the bamboo to the stake. Alternatively, you may trim the plant once the culms start leaning. Bambusa Nana may start leaning once it becomes tall and the tops become heavy. You could also try to tie up the plants to straighten them.

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