Bamboo Grower in Florida

Bamboo is one of the most unique wood grass plants in the world. It grows faster than many plant species and has a wide range of applications, especially in the construction, basketry, and fence industries. We have many bamboo species of clumping bamboo, including angel mist, Asian lemon, and emerald bamboo. Palmco is a leading grower of bamboo, mast, and palm trees in Florida. 

Bamboo Grower in FloridaOur bamboo trees are some of the top choices for landscapers and commercial developers in the U.S. We help landscape contractors, architects, and developers beautify resorts, golf courses, commercial properties, residential estates, and more by providing large transplants and specimens throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

You can source our materials in 3, 7, 15, and 25-gallon containers or as field-grown bamboo. Field grown is your best bet when you need instant gratification. 

Bamboo Facts

Bamboo has become incredibly popular because it grows quickly and the thick, tall, evergreen plants will provide privacy and screening for home and business owners.

Some people will tell you that bamboo is aggressive and will take over your landscape. That happens only with “running” bamboo. Palmco does not sell “running” bamboo. We exclusively sell noninvasive “clumping” bamboo to ensure that it always stays where you want it! It has short roots and spreads slowly in small clumps. You never have to worry that the bamboo you purchase from us will invade your customers’ yards or get out of control!

While clumping bamboo is far easier to maintain than running varieties, having a specific layout for your bamboo installation is still a good idea. Consider incorporating borders to help the clumps stay where you want them. But, since they grow slowly, removing any stragglers that might wander outside the boundaries won’t be hard.

Planting Bamboo for Privacy

Sun exposure. You need to know how much sun reaches the part of your client’s yard where you intend to install the bamboo hedge or privacy fence. There are many bamboo options, so it’s essential that you choose one that prefers the amount of sun you have available in your specific location.

Height. While growing a bamboo hedge or fence is a great way to hide something or prevent others from having access to your privacy, knowing how tall you want the hedge is important. Some bamboo can grow upwards of 50 feet high. So, understanding the height you are aiming for will help you pick the right bamboo for the job.

Cold hardiness. Keep in mind that temperature affects bamboo. Some bamboo is very cold hardy, but most don’t do well in temperatures lower than 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Knowing your USDA hardiness zone will help you choose the bamboo that is best suited for the temperatures you have in your location.

Unlike other plants, don’t tear apart bamboo root balls. They won’t heal like other plant roots because the rhizomes and roots grow only during specific times of the year,. We recommend planting in the spring or fall to ensure the best growth and health.

Lastly, when maintaining your clients’ bamboo privacy fence, we reccommend trimming off dead or unhealthy-looking sections in summer months. Culms typically live for just five to seven years. They should be removed when they start showing signs of deterioration.

Bamboo is one of the best plant species for enhancing privacy and the beauty of a landscape. At Palmco, we have many bamboo tree species, including: 

Our plantation features state-of-the-art irrigation systems to ensure plants get the nutrients and moisture they need for growth. 

Are you looking for a reliable clumping bamboo grower in Florida? Contact Palmco today for quality bamboo plants for your landscaping project.