Asian Lemon Bamboo Wholesale

The Asian Lemon Bamboo, native to China, is a beautiful bamboo tree known for its spectacular colors. It features bright yellow culms with pink spots and green stripes. In China, the Asian Lemon Bamboo is a coveted tree mainly because of its ornamental functions. Palmco landscapers recommend this bamboo variety for both warm and cold climates. This plant can tolerate low temperatures and frost. In addition, it creates beautiful privacy screens and adds a decorative element to any landscape.


Asian Lemon Bamboo WholesaleThe Asian lemon can reach 25 feet and tolerate cold climates of up to 15 degrees. This plant features thick culms and is known for its beauty and versatility. In addition, the plant features beautiful yellow culms and green leaves. Many landscape architects use the Asian Lemon as a focal point by trimming the lower branches to reveal the beautiful yellow canes.

Special Attributes

The Asian Lemon is a genuinely spectacular plant originating from China, where it is highly valued for its vibrant colors. In the U.S., many landscape architects use it as a focal point for landscapes or to provide beautiful privacy screens. The plant’s younger culms are bright yellow with pink or peach tones. However, mature Asian Lemon features yellow culms with green stripes.

Asian Lemon is a moderately fast-growing bamboo tree capable of reaching 25 feet within a few years. In addition, its culms can grow by up to five feet in diameter within a year. It is a form of clumping bamboo suitable for smaller landscapes. In addition, it thrives exceptionally well in warm and sunny areas.

Cultural Preferences

Asian Lemon grows well in moist areas, well-drained soils, and in full or partial sunlight. The more sunlight it gets, the faster it will grow. Landscapers usually add composted manure or peat moss to quick-draining soils before planting the Asian Lemon. In addition, they recommend mulching the areas where Asian Lemon grows to retain soil moisture. Fertilizer should be added at least three times a year, preferably in the summer, spring, and fall.

One of the best things about Asian Lemon is that it is a form of clumping bamboo and requires little to no maintenance to thrive. However, this plant requires occasional pruning to encourage vertical growth and keep its bushy foliage off the ground. To contain the plant in a small area, mow or step on its young shoots.

Asian Lemon produces new shoots only a few times a year. The new shoots are highly vulnerable and prone to destruction from the elements, and stepping on the new shoots destroys them, helping to contain the plant within the desired area. Other methods of controlling the plant’s growth include root pruning and installing bamboo barriers.

Clumping Trait

What makes Asian Lemon extremely popular among commercial developers is its clumping growth. Like any other clumping bamboo, Asian Lemon will not overwhelm your landscape due to its non-invasive nature. In addition, it is relatively low maintenance.

At Palmco, we specialize in the wholesale supply of bamboo, palm, and mast trees, including the Asian Lemon. We only supply clumping bamboo because of its unique features and benefits. There are multiple reasons why we prefer clumping bamboo over running bamboo. For starters, running bamboo is invasive, meaning it can easily overwhelm other plants on a landscape. Our landscapers currently grow more than 12 varieties of tropical and subtropical bamboo.

You can always rely on Palmco for your Asian Lemon Bamboo needs. Please contact us for our bamboo wholesale price.