Wholesale Palm Trees In Sunrise Florida

Wholesale Palm Trees Sunrise Florida

Whether you need single focal specimens, container palms, or a large number of mature trees, consider Palmco for wholesale palm trees in Sunrise, Florida to meet your landscaping requirements.

Palmco has been proudly growing the highest quality selection of field grown Florida Fancy (FF) palms for 30 years. Florida Fancy (FF) is defined by the Florida Grades and Standards Manual as “an exceptionally healthy and vigorous palm that is perfectly formed and foliated (subject to the natural growth of the species).” This is the most desirable grade of palm tree.

How to Choose Palm Trees

When choosing palms for your project, there are many factors to consider. We think these are four of the most important:


Select a palm tree that is suitable for your overall landscape design. Many of those 15 gallon palms you see at your local nursery will grow to 50 or 60 feet at maturity. Planted in the wrong location, they can threaten nearby buildings, interfered with roofs and power lines, and overpower the environment.


Not all palms grow in tropical or subtropical climates. Some actually prefer a humid or dry climate. Many cold-hardy varieties tolerate temperatures down to 20°F, and some can survive even colder weather at 0°F or below. Other varieties can be harmed by even short periods of frost and left susceptible to insects and diseases. It’s important to choose a palm that can withstand the climate in your location.


When planning out your design, consider that some species of palms prefer shade while others prefer full sun. Planting a shade-loving palm in full sun will cause its leaves to burn, and you will eventually lose it. A sun-loving tree that’s planted in too much shade will always reach for the light and will never develop into the spectacular tree it was meant to be.


Most palms don’t like to stand in overly soggy soil. Plant yours in an area with well-drained soil that is not susceptible to standing water. During its first growing season, expect to water it often. Once it’s established, a good watering every other week in spring and summer and every six to eight weeks in winter should be adequate. Most mature palms are somewhat drought-resistant. During colder months, you’ll find that they don’t need as much water.

How to Use Palm Trees

Some of the most popular uses for palm trees include: