Wholesale Palm Trees In Miramar

Wholesale Palm Trees Miramar

Palmco calls Pine Island, Florida home.

The perfect temperatures on this barrier island help create an excellent environment for palms to reach their best potential in height, caliper and green fronds.

When you need wholesale palm trees in Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Miami Gardens, or elsewhere in Broward County, we have the materials you need to transform your customer’s property into a tropical oasis.

There are almost 3,000 species of palm trees, and they come in a wide variety of sizes and heights. That 5-gallon container sized palm you plant today may eventually take over the entire garden or overwhelm the building. It’s important to know the growth habits of the tree you’ve chosen to ensure that, when mature, it will be a reasonable size for its location.

Fast Growing Palm Trees

The palm tree you ultimately choose will depend on your customer’s budget (small palms cost less, big palms cost more), aesthetics (can they wait for it to grow, or do they want a mature tree?), and maneuverability (large, mature palms usually have to be moved by crane to the site).

To get the most “bang for the buck,” consider planting a fast-growing species, such as:

  • Fishtail
    Fishtail Palms grow at a moderate rate to about 20 to 25 feet within about 10 years and have taken the landscape world by storm lately. The palm is named for its unusual leaves which are shaped like a jagged fish tail with thick, swirled layers of ruffled fronds. They are clustering palms and are a wonderful alternative to bamboo for privacy screening.

    At Palmco, we grow ourFishtail palms in the field and keep a limited inventory of container material available. Many of our field grown plants have as many as 9 heads and make stunning standalone centerpieces.

  • King Alexander
    Also called the King Palm, this tropical palm from Australia is a fast grower in USDA Zones 10b to 11a. Under the right conditions, it grows about 2.5 feet a year. If you start with a 5 foot specimen, you should have a 25 foot tree in about 8 years.

    The maximum height is about 40 feet. King Alexander enjoys a sunny well- drained area, where it can get plenty of sun during the day. It can withstand temperatures down to 26°F. Popular configurations of this palm are singles, doubles and triples. We grow all three of these configurations.

  • Queen Palm
    Queen Palms grow best in full sun and can develop from a 15 gallon plant to a majestic 25 foot tree in 7 to 10 years.

    The maximum height is about 40 feet. The lacy fronds are dark green and pinnate, with double rows of leaflets. The trunks are singular, gray, and smooth with scars of old fronds. The Queen is notable for its spectacular clusters of flowers and fruits. The flower clusters burst from large pods during the summer. In early winter, green fruit clusters appear. The spherical-shaped fruit eventually turns bright orange and hangs in long clusters.

  • Royal Palm
    Planted along the streets of many cities for their gracefulness and beauty, Royal Palms can grow from a 15 gallon plant to an overall height of about 20 to 25 feet in 10 years if there’s no significant cold weather below about 28°F.

    These palms have a smooth gray trunk, a bright green crownshaft, and dark green arching fronds. They bloom with yellow flowers in the summer. Royals are found naturally throughout Florida, Cuba and Honduras, but can be sensitive when transplanted.

The more tropical the climate is, the faster your palm tree will grow.

You can also dramatically speed up the growing process by giving your palm tree the proper nutrition.

Palmco grows dozens of varieties of top quality tropical and cold-hardy palms, and we have 600+ acres under cultivation. If you’re looking for wholesale palm trees in Miramar, take a tour of our farm, visit our website, or contact us at (239) 283-1329 to schedule an appointment.

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