Wholesale Palm Trees Manhattan

Wholesale Palm Trees Manhattan

Determining where to get wholesale palm trees in Manhattan is no doubt a challenging endeavor.

Look no further than Palmco!

We are a Florida based palm grower based out of Pine Island.

Our 600 acre palm plantation is one of the largest in the continental United States. We offer more than 20 varieties of palms from varieties that are readily available to the exotic and rare, and can provide you with several cold hardy species that will suit your architectural and landscape design needs.

If your New York clients are looking for a tropical paradise that only relaxing palms can provide, we can help you meet those requests. We’ll instruct you on how to care for and transplant the trees you purchase and will provide you with photos of each plant you order based upon the specs you provide.

Palms Suitable For Manhattan

Big cities should also be able to enjoy the peace and warmth that come from canopies of palm fronds. You can have a tropical paradise, even in New York! However, you will need to create a microclimate for the palms and provide cold protection during winter months.

The Florida state tree, the Sabal Palm, is actually a uniquely hardy tree capable of withstanding temperatures lower than most other palms.

While that might seem odd, considering how prolific it is in Florida, this tree will suit Manhattan needs quite well. It is a slow grower that can reach an average height of 40 feet. The Sabal Palm is also known as the Cabbage Palm and its central bud, known as the heart of palm, can be eaten.

Another palm that will meet your needs in Zone 7 is the Windmill Palm.

This palm is native to central China and has been utilized all over the world in parks and gardens. It can be grown as far north as Canada. Its frond canopy extends as wide as 10 feet and therefore it is recommended that you plant windmill palms 6 to 10 feet apart.

They are not particularly wind resistant, even with their sturdy trunks, so we advise you to plant them in areas that are not subject to intense wind gusts. The fronds of the Windmill Palm don’t droop, which makes it easy to maintain as long as you fertilize and water appropriately.

Last, but not least, consider the Mule Palm.

It’s unlikely that anyone else in NYC will have this rare, eye-catching specimen!

It’s one of the hardiest feather palms and is a man-made hybrid between the Pindo and the Queen palms. The parent palms are cold hardy and have produced an equally cold-hardy offspring, but this will depend on how it was crossed.

It grows quickly to about 20 feet. At maturity, the Mule Palm has a dark brown trunk with a massive caliper. Its pinnate fronds are long with wide, dark green leaflets that resemble the fronds of a coconut palm.

We Have The Palms For You

Palmco’s extensive knowledge in the industry will ensure that we have the right wholesale palm trees for your Manhattan endeavors. We know which plants will grow best in your zone, and our customer service experts are available five days a week to answer any questions.

Please give us a call at (855) GO-PALMCO or (239) 283-1329.

And, if you happen to be down south, don’t hesitate to stop by and take a tour.

We’d love to show you around!