Wholesale Palm Trees for Sale Georgia

Planting palm trees in a landscape create that lush tropical feel many people have come to admire. At Palmco, we understand how commercial developers and landscape architects love incorporating palm trees into their projects, and therefore, we strive to provide them with quality palm trees wholesale. Our palm trees are available for sale to commercial developers and landscape architects in Georgia and throughout the U.S. These beautiful, leafy plants can transform any landscape into a beautiful tropical oasis. Landscaping with palm trees offers you a vast array of options. Here are some of the tips our growers recommend for planting palm trees.

Choose the Right Palm Tree Species and Size for Your Project

Wholesale Palm Trees for Sale GeorgiaThere are thousands of palm tree species on the market, and it is essential to choose the palm tree species that best complement your landscape and project requirements. The best way to determine the best palm tree variety for your landscape is by consulting our growers. The growers at Palmco specialize in growing quality palm, mast, and bamboo; therefore, they have exceptional knowledge about the palm tree species for your area. Other factors determining the best landscape palm tree species include your climate and budget.

Choosing the Right Area for Planting

Once you order your palm trees from Palmco, our growers will prepare the seedlings for you, ready for shipping to your location. We use extreme caution when transporting seedlings to our clients to prevent transplant shock.

You must choose an ideal location for planting the seedlings before receiving them. Consider the light in your location when choosing an ideal spot for planting palm trees. Although they are associated with tropical destinations, not all palm trees do well in full sunlight. Although some varieties thrive in full sunlight, some species do well in partial shade. In addition, consider the height of the plant at maturity, leaf sizes, and whether it produces fruits. Consider planting fruit-bearing varieties away from residential areas.

Choose the Right Color

Consider experimenting with different colored palm trees. Not all trees in your landscaping project need to be green. Consider planting palm trees with different colors to create a statement of your landscape.

Soil Drainage

Be sure to plant palm trees in soils that drain well. Consider the type of soil in your landscape and ensure it does not hold onto water. The best soil type for palm trees is sandy soil because of its excellent drainage. However, you can also plant some palm tree varieties on clay soil, provided you install an in-ground drainage system.

Palmco is the leading grower of quality palm, bamboo and mast trees in the U.S. Our Bokeelia, FL plantation features state-of-the-art irrigation systems to ensure our seedlings get all the water and nutrition requirements they need for germination and growth. In addition, our growers understand palm tree varieties and the best palm trees to grow in your specific location. We can provide tips and guides for incorporating palm trees into your landscaping project. Palmco is a one-stop destination for your palm tree needs. We grow a wide range of palm trees and can provide the variety you want for your landscaping project. All our seedlings are grown using eco-friendly methods to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment.

Are you looking for quality palm trees for sale in Georgia? Reach out to us for wholesale offers.