Wholesale Palm Trees Dallas Texas

Wholesale Palm Trees Dallas, Texas

Palmco provides quality palm trees at reasonable prices to wholesale customers in Dallas, Texas.

Located in beautiful Pine Island, Florida, Palmco is Florida’s premier provider of wholesale palm trees. We proudly grow over 20 species of Florida Fancy (FF) palms and have been assisting landscapers and landscape designers for more than 30 years.

Dallas Climate

The USDA places Dallas in Hardiness Zone 8b. Although the city enjoys a humid subtropical climate with short, mild winters and long warm summers, short periods of frost can also be a fact of life.

The average lows in Dallas are between 15 and 20°F, and it’s not unusual for residents to see a few snowy days between December and March. Consequently, it’s important to look for palms that can withstand the short cold spurts.

Cold-Hardy Palm Trees

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the heat that determines whether a palm tree will thrive, but the cold. A freeze can damage the conducting tissue in the trunk and prevent the leaves from getting adequate water. Cold can also slow the growth of the roots and the tree.
“Cold-hardy” palm trees can withstand short periods of temperatures down to 5 to 10°F (and often colder) and, sometimes, even snow. A few can actually tolerate the winters in the Alaska panhandle!

Consider these cold-hardy palms from Palmco that will grow beautifully in Dallas:

  • European Fan Palm (or Mediterranean Fan Palm): With its dark green fan-shaped leaves and yellow spring flowers, this palm looks exotic in any landscape. It’s also known for its extreme hardiness, handling severe frosts and temperatures down to 10°F, and its wide adaptability to different environmental conditions.
  • Mule Palm: This is the palm for your client who needs an eye catching “new” tree that no one else has. A grand specimen, the Mule is a man-made hybrid of the Pindo and Queen palms. Despite its tropical appearance (it resembles a coconut palm), it is thought to be cold hardy down to at least 15°F.
  • Needle Palm (or Porcupine Palm): Needle Palms are quite cold hardy and can withstand temperatures slightly below 0°F for limited time periods. They are a clustering, essentially trunkless palm, with dark green fan-shaped leaves that are divided into about 15-20 segments. The fronds are dark green on top and silvery on the underside. The needle palm makes a great understory accent palm beneath canopy but can also be acclimated to full sun. Palmco offers them in multi configurations.
  • Sabal Palm (or Cabbage Palm): The Sabal palmetto is very cold hardy and can grow in Zones 7b to 11. It is Florida’s state tree, and hails from the Gulf Coast, South Atlantic states, as well as the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America. Sabal is a slow grower that can reach up to 60 feet in height with excellent wind resistance, making it a great choice for avenues and privacy screens.

For pricing and information on wholesale palm trees that will grow well in the Dallas, Texas area, contact Palmco at 1-855-GO-PALMCO or 1-239-283-1329 and talk with one of our experts.