Wholesale Emerald Bamboo

Wholesale Emerald bamboo can create privacy and beauty in just a few growing seasons.

At Palmco, we grow only the cold-hardy clumping varieties of bamboo, including the Bambusa and Dendrocalamus varieties, which are perfectly suited to Florida’s climate and are some of the most impressive bamboos in the world.

Wholesale Emerald BambooAside from their beauty, one of the best features of clumping bamboos is that they are non-invasive.

They grow gradually outward from the center, and new culms grow taller and larger in diameter every year. They don’t spread horizontally beyond their assigned area, making them the ideal low-maintenance alternative to larger, more aggressive, running bamboos.

Clumping bamboos give you quick, manageable results for privacy screens, hedges, and focal-point plantings.

Emerald Bamboo Tutorial

Often referred to as a gem in the bamboo world, Emerald bamboos can reach 40 feet in height and their canes will be about 2 inches in diameter at maturity. Thankfully, these canes are part of a very hardy bamboo variety.

A member of the Textilis family of bamboo, some people consider the Emerald bamboo a big brother to graceful bamboo. Both of which are stately and elegant bamboo options for your customers’ landscapes.

Those who are really hoping to utilize bamboo as a screening will appreciate the fact that the shoots for the Emerald bamboo materialize in close proximity to existing canes. That allows them to form tight clumps that are both attractive and dense providing significant privacy.

If you are looking for a bamboo that is easy on the upkeep, Emerald bamboo is a good choice. The canes are straight and tall and they don’t grow side shoots, generally, which means you don’t have to worry about pruning.

Certainly, Emerald bamboo is a functional ornamental plant for any yard, but it is so much more than that! There are large spaces between the culm sections that make the canes quite striking in appearance. And, they have a slight blue tint for about the first year’s worth of growth. Then, as the canes mature, they will change from that blue to the Emerald green that earned this variety its name. This allows the clump to always consist of varying color shades making it remarkably beautiful year-round.

Your clients will take one look at this bamboo variety and exclaim, “This is what bamboo is supposed to look like!” And they will be thrilled that Emerald bamboo will form a full, tall hedge in just one year. Fast growing and easy to care for are aspects of this bamboo variety that make it quite popular.

If you are serious about finding the finest wholesale Emerald bamboo for your clientele, Palmco is the answer. Rest assured that we stand by our products and services.

Come see what we have to offer or call us today at 239-283-1329 with any questions you may have. Palmco has been in business for over 30 years and cultivates 14 species of bamboo along with beautiful palm trees on our 600 acre Pine Island plantation. Feel free to visit and check out our little piece of paradise before you make your purchase.