Wholesale Bamboo in Port Charlotte

Wholesale Bamboo in Port Charlotte

Talk to the experts at Palmco when you need wholesale bamboo plants to meet your landscape design requirements in Port Charlotte, Florida.

With about 260 days of sunshine per year, 50+ inches of rain, and plenty of humidity, Port Charlotte, in USDA Hardiness Zone 10a, is paradise for non-invasive tropical and subtropical clumping bamboo.

Palmco offers 15 spectacular clumping bamboo varieties and is one of the largest palm and bamboo plantations in North America with over 600 acres in production.

Because our clumping bamboos are non-invasive, they won’t go where you don’t want them to go. This means you’ll be able to provide your residential or commercial customers with exotic, yet manageable, plants.

Consider these beautiful species:

Angel Mist Bamboo – One of our rarest Chinese clumping bamboos, Angel Mist has 3-inch diameter dark green striped, yellow or green canes that are covered with a powdery wax, earning it the nickname “Ghost” bamboo. It makes a colorful attention-getting centerpiece, privacy screen, living fence or driveway planting, and will grow to about 35 feet.

Graceful Bamboo – This graceful and luxuriant bamboo is one of our favorites. Mature plants will be branchless on the lower third of the culms, so you can see the attractive 1-inch diameter canes without having to prune the plant. Graceful Bamboo is ideal for screening in a narrow space or where a strong vertical look is desired. It will remain evergreen down to about 18°F.

Monastery Bamboo –Also called Umbrella Bamboo because its culms are used for umbrella handles in Thailand, Monastery Bamboo is among the most graceful on the planet. It’s a popular ornamental species due to its tight, compact vertical growth, lack of lower branches, and small leaves that create a cloud-like effect. This hardy clumping bamboo can withstand temperatures down to 25°F.

Why Choose Palmco?

Palmco’s home is in Bokeelia, a sleepy fishing and farming community on charming Pine Island, just off Florida’s west coast.

The island is surrounded by turquoise waters and moderate temperatures, and the fertile setting enables is to produce only the strongest and healthiest palms and bamboos.

As a family-owned business, we have a passion for horticulture that has grown over four generations – especially for palm trees and clumping bamboo.

We utilize state-of-the-art irrigation, fertilization and soil moisture monitoring systems to nourish the trees and prevent impurities from leaching into the surrounding soil and groundwater.

We do not use restricted-use chemicals, and recycle all plant waste and by-products into mulch for use on plant beds. This helps us reduce our water usage and improve the soil for future generations.

We recognize that the cornerstones of any successful business are quality products, fair pricing and outstanding customer service, and we work hard to apply them here at Palmco.

If you are serious about finding the finest wholesale bamboos for your Port Charlotte clientele, Palmco has a solution. Come see what we have to offer, or call us today at 1-855-Go-Palmco or 239-283-1329 with any questions you may have.