Wholesale Bamboo Plants for Sale in Venice, Florida

Looking for wholesale bamboo plants for sale in Venice, Florida? Palmco, established in 1984 in the sleepy community of Bokeelia on Pine Island, Florida, currently has more than 600 acres planted with the choicest palms and bamboos, ranging from common to exotic. We are committed to providing reasonably priced wholesale bamboo to Florida landscape architects and landscapers.

Wholesale Bamboo Plants for Sale in Venice, FloridaSo, are you a developer or landscaper in Florida looking for a great plant to act as an accent, a screen, or a specimen? If so, then you may want to have a look at Palmco’s selection of bamboo. Clumping bamboo from Palmco is a great and versatile plant, as beautiful as it is functional.

Choose the Right Bamboo for Venice

As a landscaping material, clumping bamboo has a myriad of uses, such as:

  • single attention-getting focal pieces
  • driveway plantings
  • privacy screens and living fences
  • hedges and noise barriers
  • windbreaks and storm barriers
  • a backdrop for other tropical plants

Here are several of our favorite varieties for the Venice area:

Angel Mist

Sometimes called Ghost Bamboo, Angel Mist Bamboo is light in color—yellow or light green—with dark green striping and a waxy powder coating. This beautiful bamboo is tall—35 feet in height—but not as tall as similar “giant” bamboos. It is easy to care for and ideal for use in urban gardens. It is wonderful for applications where you are looking for something to catch the eye. It is commanding and attractive, and it serves both to screen an area for privacy and to draw visitors’ eyes toward its impressive size and color.


As the name suggests, this Chinese variety, also called Slender Weavers, is the most graceful of all bamboos. It has few lower branches on mature culms, so its attractive 1-inch diameter canes can be seen without having to prune the plant. Graceful Bamboos have an upright growth pattern and are very well-behaved. Growing to a typical height of 25 feet, they will fit nicely in any city or country tropical garden, including small, narrow yards.

Tropical Blue

The culms of this unique bamboo are covered in a white powder that gives it a bluish appearance. It is a fast grower and will only take a few years to reach its maximum height of 30 feet tall with 2” diameter culms. People appreciate Tropical Blue Bamboo as a single specimen plant, but it can also be used to create a dynamic privacy screen. Keep in mind that because these bamboos are hard to propagate and are quite labor intensive, they can be a little more expensive than most other options. But the money is worth the beauty!


Bambusa oldhamii (aka Timber, Giant Timber, or Old Timber) is a beautiful, giant, low maintenance, and hardy bamboo. This particular bamboo is considered the most common large tropical bamboo grown in the US. It also is the most widely planted bamboo in theme parks in Orlando, Florida. Oldhamii Bamboo is one of the most common windbreak bamboos grown in farms across the warmer regions of the US, and it can reach heights as tall as 65 feet!

Now that you have some information about bamboo plants for sale in Venice, Florida, you can end your search at Palmco. Our experts are ready to help you make the appropriate choices for your customers! Give us a call today at 239.283.1329.