Wholesale Bamboo Massachusetts

Wholesale Bamboo Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a pretty cold place to live as we’re sure you know!

However, you may have a desire to create a bit of tropical solace on residential or commercial properties.

Trying to locate wholesale bamboo is probably a challenge. Search no more; Palmco, a Florida based bamboo and palm grower, has what you need.

We’ve been in business over 30 years and have a 600 acre palm plantation, one of the largest in the nation. Our experts are well versed in palm trees and clumping bamboo and can provide you with recommendations and transplant instructions for bamboo growing success.

If you’re hoping to bring the tropics to Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Cambridge or Lowell, Palmco has some cold hardy bamboo for you.

Bamboo for the Massachusetts Climate

Trying to locate bamboo with the ability to survive your harsh winter weather is not an easy endeavor. Specific suggestions can be made by our customer service experts.

In the meantime, we’ve listed our four most cold hardy bamboo species below, but there are others that may thrive in your specific area:

  • Graceful Bamboo
    It gets its name from its gentle appearance and lightly nodding top foliage. In truth, it’s also known as Slender Weaver Bamboo due to the fact that its stems are generally no bigger than one inch in diameter. Of course, this clumping bamboo grows to an average of 25 feet high, making it all the more graceful in appearance. It’s an all-green colored bamboo and makes great hedges and privacy screening installations.

  • Alphonse Karr Bamboo:
    This bamboo will not run and forms a tight clump with small bluish leaves. The green stripes on its golden cane make it a very decorative bamboo species that serves very well as an eye-pleasing hedge. Make sure to space the plants 8-10 feet away from each other in order to prevent them growing together too densely. With a little light trimming and maintenance, these bamboos can be used as island focal points as well.

  • Emerald Bamboo:
    Known by several other names thanks to their ever present white blooms, the Emerald Bamboo is sometimes called White Bamboo. Actually, the white blooms can create a blue hue and therefore it’s also known as Emperor’s Blue Bamboo. They are mystical, stunning and rare, an excellent addition to your client’s tropical paradise. They can reach 30 feet in height and will therefore make an excellent privacy screen.

  • Golden Goddess:
    A very tight and bushy clumping bamboo specimen, these are best known for their cold hardiness and extreme drought tolerance. When planted 4-8 feet apart they can quickly grow together to create an exquisite screen or hedge. In fact, as a hedge they can be trimmed into whatever shape is desired. Dark green in color, this is a workhorse bamboo and is quite a versatile addition to all your landscaping and architectural designs.

Palmco Can Help

If you ever happen to be in the Pine Island, Florida area, we welcome your personal visit to our little slice of paradise. If that’s simply not feasible, rest assured that we will send you pictures of the actual bamboo you order so that you and your customers know what will arrive at your site.

Use your shipping company or ours, and receive healthy plants in a timely manner.

Our knowledgeable customer service experts can answer all your bamboo questions and provide you with trustworthy recommendations for wholesale bamboos that will do well in Massachusetts.

They are available to you five days a week at 1-855-Go-Palmco or 239-283-1329.