Wholesale Arikury Palm Trees Florida

Unknown to many landscapers, Arikury palm trees are excellent choices for adding that tropical look to Florida landscapes. Not to be confused with the Queen palm, Arikury palm trees feature a more distinct look with oversized crowns, narrow trunks, and spiraling leaf bases. The soil type, temperature, and sunlight determine Arikury’s growth rate. Commercial developers and landscapers looking to buy Arikury wholesale can reach out to Palmco to order. 

Planting Tips

Wholesale Arikury Palm Trees FloridaAt Palmco, we usually plant Arikury under shade cloths to protect the plants against leaf burns. Once you receive your new Arikury plants, our growers recommend you keep them in the shade and move them slowly into a sunny area over a week to avoid stressing the plant. 

Arikury palm trees will vary in size depending on their growing conditions. Most of the Arikury plants we ship in spring are smaller than those in fall. However, these plants usually resume average growth during summer with enough sunlight exposure. Palmco ships plants in recyclable and reusable plugs, making the plants easy to store and transplant. 

Tree Care

Arikury palm trees are excellent options for commercial developers and landscapers looking for low-maintenance trees. In addition, they add beautiful accents to any landscape. Arikury does well in moist, organically rich, and well-drained soils. However, this plant requires heavy mulching during the winter and summer months.

About Arikury

Native to Brazil, Arikury palm has been cultivated in many parts of the world. In the U.S., this palm tree is more common in Florida. Commercial developers and landscapers familiar with this plant have divided opinions about its merits. Although Arikury does not have the nobleness of the Royal and Queen palms, it has unique beauty and gracefulness. 

Despite its low maintenance requirements, this palm tree requires some attention, especially during the early stages of growth. The seeds of Arikury germinate quickly, two to three weeks after planting. In addition, it starts flowering when still young, and the inch-long, bright orange-yellow, coconut-like fruits that follow winter and spring flowers add to its charm. 

Arikury fruits are edible and have been used as food in many communities worldwide. Once you receive your Arikury seeds, plant them in a loose mixture of vermiculite, peat moss, and topsoil. Apply slow-releasing fertilizer during the spring and winter months to encourage fast growth. In addition, cut off old leaves once they die; be sure to cut them as close to the trunk as possible. 

Once mature, Arikury produces a few fragrant flowers on the lower part of the branches. Male flowers usually form as numerous clustered batches on the upper branches of the plant. The female flowers typically develop on the lower branches and are often much larger than their male counterparts. Arikury fruits, looking like grapelike clusters, usually mature in fall. The fruits feature an outer fleshy fruit coat covering the inner juicy and fibrous parts. Arikury fruits are quite delicious with an apricot flavor. 

Arikury palm is now one of the market’s most sought-after palm trees. It is a low-maintenance plant that does well in full or partial sunlight. However, Arikury requires regular protection from fungal infection. Palmco has some of the best palm tree species in the U.S., including Arikury. Our growers have many years of experience, which speaks to the quality of our seedlings. In addition, we use the latest farming practices to ensure quality yields and minimal environmental effects. 

Palmco is the go-to wholesale supplier of Arikury palm trees in Florida. Contact us today to order.