Where to Buy Palm Trees Near Naples, Florida

Where to Buy Palm Trees Near Naples, Florida 

Trying to figure out where to buy palm trees near Naples, Florida? Look no further than Palmco and our 600- acre palm tree plantation. We are one of the largest palm plantations in the country.

Many people envision palm trees as long-trunked trees with coconuts hanging from them. But there are actually nearly 3,000 different kinds of palm trees known to exist around the world. Industry professionals visit our nursery to see the more than 20 varieties we grow on Pine Island in Florida. While there, they can choose palm trees that suit the landscape design they are implementing for their clients.

Palm trees come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While a 20-foot palm may not seem so small, it is when compared to a palm that can reach heights of 80 feet. Combining small and large palms adds dimension to your designs and can also provide interesting visual focus based on each palms’ shape, texture, and color.

Here’s some facts about a few of the palm trees we grow at Palmco:

Paurotis (or Everglades) Palm (Acoelorrhaphe Wrightii)
Named after Charles Wright, an American botanist, the Paurotis (or Everglades) palm is a beautiful clustering species that has fan-shaped leaves and a slim trunk that provides a tropical oasis feel in any setting. The leaves are green on top and silver underneath, and, when nighttime uplighting is applied, the plant is spectacular to look at.

Mule Palm (Xbutiagrus nabonnandii)
No one else in the neighborhood is likely to have this eye-catching palm. It is considered a feather palm and is a man-made hybrid that combines Pindo and Queen palms. It is difficult to produce this palm, which makes mature specimens quite rare. And, even though it looks incredibly tropical with dark leaflets that resemble those of the coconut palm, it is cold-hardy to temps as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Triangle Palm (Dypsis decaryi)
With an unusual shape and coloring, this palm is a major attention-getter in any landscape. The Triangle palm does not have a typical crown shaft. Instead, its leaf bases overlap to form three vertical columns that are set about 120 degrees apart. giving it the triangular shape. Leaves are a unique powdery blue-grey and are gracefully arched upward. These palm trees work beautifully in tight spaces where you might initially hesitate to plant other ornamentals.

Sylvestris Palm (Phoenix Sylvestris)
This palm of many names, including Toddy Palm, Wild Date Palm, Sugar Date Palm, Sylvester Palm, and India Date Palm, grows 1 to 3 feet a year and can get up to 40 feet high. Its silvery blue-green fronds contrast nicely with average greenery. Keep in mind that the fronds have spines along the stems and stiff pointy leaves, so avoid planting them too close to a driveway or walkway. The trunk has an interesting diamond pattern, and we can provide you with a special cut that makes the trunk’s deep orange really stand out.

Palmco is the place to buy palm trees near Naples, Florida. Regardless of which palm tree you choose for your installation, you can rest assured that palms of all sorts provide unique ambiance and tropical tranquility no matter where they are grown. If you need a showstopper or a variety to make your client’s property stand out, contact us at (239) 283-1329 for more information.