Wellington, FL Wholesale Bamboo Plants

Wellington, FL Wholesale Bamboo Plants

If you need non-invasive clumping bamboo for a client’s property in Wellington, FL, consider wholesale plants from Palmco. We produce only the healthiest, strongest plants, nurturing them in our moderately warm, fertile environment in Bokeelia, Florida.

Palmco has been proudly growing the highest-quality selection of field grown Florida Fancy (FF) palms for over 30 years and added exquisite varieties of clumping bamboo to our product line in 2011.

We help landscape contractors, architects and developers beautify commercial properties, shopping centers, resorts, golf courses, residential estates and more, by providing large transplants and specimens of over a dozen tropical and subtropical clumping bamboo varieties throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

How to Use Clumping Bamboo

Clumping bamboo is a great way to delineate separate spaces on a large property. Build a bamboo wall between a swimming pool and playground. Use it to screen off garages or to block an objectionable view. Some varieties make excellent container plants for patios and poolside planting, while tall, erect varieties are beautiful as driveway and avenue plantings.

And, because our clumping bamboos are non-invasive, they won’t go where you don’t want them to go. This gives you the ability to provide your residential and commercial customers with exotic, yet manageable, plants. Consider these stunning varieties:

Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo: This dwarf clumping bamboo that originates in Burma (Bambusa vulgaris ‘Wamin’) has very unusual bulges above and below each cane’s internodes, making you think it was designed by Dr. Seuss! There is no other bamboo like it in the world, and the plant is definitely an attention-getter. It’s also one of the easiest bamboos to grow and maintain. Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo grows to a height of 12 to 15 feet and has 4-inch diameter culms. It is somewhat cold-sensitive and may suffer frost damage at 27°F, but the roots are typically not damaged.

Monastery Bamboo: Often called Umbrella Bamboo because its culms are used for umbrella handles in its native Thailand, Monastery Bamboo (Thyrsostachy siamensishas) can grow to 40 feet and is among the most graceful on the planet. It’s a popular ornamental species due to its tight, compact vertical growth, lack of lower branches, and small leaves that create a cloud-like effect. Monastery Bamboo is perfect for tight spaces as a specimen or accent, and makes an excellent windbreak. It is cold-hardy to 25 °F.

Nana Bamboo: Another Thailand native, Nana (Bambusa nana) is a beautiful ornamental with very small leaves, an upright growth habit and thick culms. The stunning bamboo is naturally branchless near the ground and arches at the top, creating a feathery, delicate umbrella-like canopy. Nana’s medium height (to 25 feet) makes it a beautiful centerpiece in any landscape.

If you are serious about finding the finest wholesale bamboo plants for your Wellington, FL clientele, Palmco has a solution. Call us today at (239) 283-1329 to discover why we have a reputation for the strongest, healthiest plants and the best customer service.