Washingtonia Palm Tree In Florida

Washingtonia Palm Tree In Florida

There are two types of Washingtonia palm trees – Washingtonia Filifera (known as the Desert Fan Palm or the California Fan Palm) and Washingtonia Robusta (known as the Mexican Fan Palm).

This species grows in Florida as well, but the Robusta typically does a better job of surviving the wet soils and humidity.

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Washingtonia Robusta

The Mexican Fan Palm can grow to 70 to 100 feet.

Large landscaping projects with plenty of space to fill, are a great fit for this beautiful palm tree.

Robustas are not as sensitive to transplanting as some other types of palms, so they are a favorite among landscapers and garden centers. These trees are also fast growers, so even if you plant a relatively young tree, it will reach its full height much faster than other palm trees.

They are particularly impressive when planted in rows along roadways or property lines.

However, they should be places at least six feet away from sidewalks, buildings, and one another or their large root system may damage nearby buildings and sidewalks. This palm is a fairly common sight along the edges of boulevards and beaches in Florida.

This palm tree does best in full sun and well-drained soil.

It can even tolerate being planted in sand. It is salt and wind resistant, so it’s ideal for beachfront properties. It is fairly drought tolerant, but grows best with regular watering. This palm is also relatively low maintenance because the dead fronds will generally break off in the Florida wind.

Other Large Palm Tree Varieties

Palmco also offers several other larger palm tree options, including:

  • Royal Palm – This palm will usually reach 50 to 70 feet tall. It is not as drought tolerant as the Mexican Fan Palm, but it has many of the other positive features.
  • Green Malayan – This coconut-producing palm tree can reach heights of 80 feet. These palms are self-cleaning and drought- and salt-tolerant once established.
  • Maypan – Another coconut-producing tree, this variety can also reach roughly 80 feet tall. They are very similar to the Green Malayan palm.

With over 600 acres in production, Palmco offers approximately 30 varieties of choice palms for your design needs.

Landscape contractors, architects and developers can find everything they need to beautify a golf course, resort, commercial and residential properties, and more. Palmco provides large tree transplants and specimen trees throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

If you are looking for a Washingtonia palm tree for a landscape in Florida, then the Washingtonia Robusta may be your best bet.

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