Washingtonia Filifera Vs Robusta

Washingtonia Filifera Vs Robusta

Perhaps you are wondering which Washingtonia is best for you.

You have two options:
Filifera vs Robusta, and you’re not a palm expert, it might be a hard decision.

Thankfully, you have come to the right place for answers. Palmco has 30+ years of experience with four generations to back it. We’d love to outline the differences between the two palms for you.

Washingtonia Filifera

It is also known as the California Fan Palm, Desert Fan Palm or California Palm. It’s a flowering palm native to Baja California and the southwestern part of the US. It’s the only palm native to the western US and is actually the largest native palm in the states. The filifera (meaning thread-bearing) is generally found in the desert near water-fed oases.

The filifera reaches average heights of 59-82 feet.

They have green and yellow leaves which include long white fibers (resembling threads). Dead fronds do not detach but instead fall down, creating a hula skirt look that provides safety and habitat for various desert creatures. The life span of these trees is 80-250 years. The palm boring beetle is its biggest threat. However, in California there are also troubles with the red palm weevil.

Washingtonia Robusta

The Washingtonia Robusta on the other hand is known as the Mexican Fan Palm.

It is easy to transplant, fast growing and cold hardy.

Although it too is native to the Southwestern United States, it appears to do quite well in the Southeast. Its cold tolerance (down to 5°F for brief periods) and its rapid growth make it a favorite among developers and landscapers because it provides an instantly gratifying finished appearance.

It has edible fruit and can reach heights of 70-100 feet, making it slightly taller than the filifera. It produces that same hula skirt look when its fronds die.

However, most people prefer a cleaner appearance when it comes to landscape and architectural design. Overall this is a very popular palm that is highly valued for its cold hardiness and almost instantaneous tropical appeal upon transplantation.

Get Your Washingtonia from Palmco

Now that you understand the differences and similarities of the Washingtonia filifera vs the Washingtonia Robusta, get it from Palmco.

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If you have more questions about Washingtonia Filifera vs Washingtonia Robusta, would like to place an order, or schedule a tour, please contact our palm experts five days a week at (239) 283 1329.