Using Clumping Bamboo in Restaurants / Hospitality Locations

Using clumping bamboo in restaurants and hospitality locations  can create exceptional visual appeal that can draw people inside. At Palmco, we understand the impact of landscaping on business appeal. It makes an area welcoming and beautiful, something your guests may not appreciate verbally but will notice and appreciate. Here are tips for using clumping bamboo for restaurant / hospitality landscaping.

Invite Guests With Green Spaces

Using Clumping Bamboo in Restaurants / Hospitality LocationsAn excellent way to attract people to your restaurant or venue is by embellishing the entryway with greenery. You do not need to fill the entire space with greenery; a few potted plants on either side of the doorway will make guests feel comfortable sitting down and enjoying your culinary treats. Consider adorning the outdoor space with potted bamboo to make your guests feel welcome and minimize stress.

Create a Beautiful Outdoor Patio 

Patios offer excellent opportunities for outdoor landscaping. Our growers at Palmco can provide excellent ideas for landscaping on a restaurant patio, including:

  • Creating bamboo borders around the patio
  • Planting clumping bamboo around the patio to create that closed-in feeling
  • Planting bamboo at strategic points around the patio to bring natural shade

Patios are some of the perfect places for landscaping in a restaurant. Unlike flowers, bamboo does not attract bees, which can annoy your guests.

Incorporate a Trellis

Consider incorporating a trellis into your design. You may install a trellis around the entryway or outdoor covered seating. The good thing about a trellis is it offers you opportunities to add greenery to your restaurant’s space. You could plant clumping bamboo around the trellis to make it eye-catching and infuse an element of privacy. If your outdoor space is for hosting events, adding a trellis surrounded by bamboo can make it an excellent focal point for a speaker, band, or wedding. However, keep the bamboo out of the way by tactfully pinning it back to the trellis.

Beautiful Gardens

Grow a beautiful garden of bamboo trees and other plants in your facility’s outdoor space. Your guests will delight in the novelty of dining close to a private green space. You may even plant bamboo with other seasonal selections to ensure your garden keeps up with the seasons. In addition, consider creating a soothing atmosphere with water features.

The gentle sound of water cascading over rocks and other objects can be pretty soothing. Fortunately, you can easily add a water feature to your current bamboo landscape. Consider purchasing small waterfalls and placing them strategically throughout your bamboo garden. Alternatively, invest in a larger fountain and place it strategically within your bamboo garden. You may even go wild and add a koi pond to your bamboo garden. Whatever you decide to do, it is essential to understand that your landscaping feature may come with additional maintenance.

Palmco is a leading wholesaler of quality clumping bamboo in the U.S. Our Bokeelia, FL, plantation features palm, mast, and bamboo trees grown in an eco-friendly setup. Our growers understand the best ways to incorporate bamboo into a landscape and often provide our clients with landscaping tips and guides.  To learn more about using clumping bamboo in restaurants and hospitality locations, please reach out to Palmco today.