Timor Black Bamboo Wholesale

Bambusa Lako or Timor Black Bamboo is a clumping bamboo originating from Indonesia. This bamboo species features distinct shiny, black culms often used for ornamental or landscaping applications. Palmco is one of the leading growers of quality wholesale Timor black bamboo. This bamboo species is also recognizable by its outward-growing black culms. It has many applications worldwide, including construction and paper manufacture.


Timor Black Bamboo WholesaleBambusa Lako is a highly low-maintenance plant capable of thriving in tropical and sub-tropical environments. This evergreen bamboo variety is incredibly tolerant to heat and humidity. Timor black bamboo grows well in hardiness zones 9 to 11 in full or partial sun. In addition, this plant thrives in moderately alkaline soils with a pH range of between 5 and 6.5. It grows well in sandy loam and clay loam soils with a standard or moist water range.

Young Timor black plants require extra phosphorous to improve root development. The fertilizer should ideally be applied during planting or the initial growing season. Timor clack bamboo has low to moderate water requirements. The best way to water the plant is by watering deeply and less frequently to prevent flooding of soil sogging. The key is to ensure you water the plant thoroughly to saturate its root balls.

Consider watering your Timor black bamboo early in the morning and late afternoons to minimize plant stress. Watering your plants early ensures the leaves have adequate time to dry up before nightfall. This is an essential practice for preventing fungus problems. Please don’t wait until Timor black bamboo wilts before you water it. Although the plant is incredibly resilient, it may not survive with excessive wilting. At Palmco, we use advanced irrigation and water conservation methods such as drip irrigation and mulching. Our drip irrigation system supplies water directly to the bamboo, mast, and palm trees on our plantation, conserving moisture. We use some of the world’s most sustainable agricultural practices, ensuring that our operations have minimal adverse effects on the environment.


Timor black bamboo may be susceptible to attacks from pests and rust. Common pests that attack the plant include slugs and snails, especially in warm, moist climates. Pests may leave holes and burrows on your bamboo canes. Prevent pests from invading your Timor black bamboo by keeping your landscape or garden as clean as possible. This eliminates pest-hiding materials such as leafy debris and tarps. Mulch may provide excellent hiding places for pests. Consider using chemical controls to eradicate pests from your landscape. However, be careful when using chemical controls because they can be poisonous.

Rust or fungi often characterized by orange, yellow, or brown pustules on leaves’ undersides may invade Timor black bamboo. Splashing water spreads this fungus and the infestation may worsen in moist conditions. Preventing and controlling rust infestation on your landscape can be difficult unless you plant rust-resistant bamboo varieties. Our gardeners recommend watering your bamboo during the day and from overhead to allow enough time for your plants to dry. In addition, use a fungicide for fungi prevention and control.

Timor black bamboo is one of the best varieties for erosion control. Its fibrous root systems help to keep the soil intact, preventing erosion. In addition, its foliage helps to break up water droplets before they hit the ground, minimizing runoff and splashing. In addition, Timor black bamboo is also incredibly low maintenance, making it an excellent option for landscaping projects requiring minimal upkeep. Once you plant this bamboo, you do not need much watering, fertilizing, and treatment to maintain the plant’s look.

Timor black bamboo is an impressive plant that can produce an excellent privacy screen or hedge. Visit Palmco’s website to order your wholesale Timor black bamboo.