Southern Italian Cypress Trees for Sale Florida

Southern Italian Cypress Trees for Sale Florida

Southern Italian Cypress Trees are a great addition to any landscaping project. In Florida, however, they can be quite temperamental. If you love the look of tall, slender Italian Cypress trees but have trouble growing them, consider wholesale Mast Trees for sale from Palmco.

Palmco serves the contiguous U.S. from our 600-acre farm in Bokeelia on Pine Island, Florida. We provide FF-grade palms, top-quality clumping bamboos, and spectacular ornamental plants, such as the Mast Tree, to landscape contractors, architects and developers who want to beautify residential estates, resorts, golf courses, commercial properties and more.

Finicky Cypress Trees

Italian Cypress Trees are visually commanding plants. In demand for their aesthetic appeal, their tall, straight, slender trunks make them useful in a variety of ways—for centerpieces or statement pieces, for specimens, and as privacy screening.

But these plants are finicky. They are prone to root rot, spider mites, fungus, and cypress canker disease in South Florida, which causes the trees to develop brown patches and die back.

Enter the Mast Tree! Mast Trees are an outstanding substitute for Italian Cypress when you need a tree with a similar slender, columnar shape. They are well-suited to USDA Zones 10a to 11 and the warmest areas of Zone 9b.

Using Mast Trees in Landscaping

The attention-getting Mast Tree is native to India and Sri Lanka and fairly new to Florida grower production, but is destined to become a popular landscaping choice.

It is often called the False Ashoka because it is easy to mistake for the sacred Indian Asoka or Ashoka tree (Saraca indica), which has similar foliage, but is not related. You may also hear the Mast Tree called Buddha Tree, Weeping Mast Tree or Indian Fir Tree.

One of the tree’s best attributes is its ability to form a solid wall of green while using just a small amount of ground space. It will grow to heights of 30 to 45 feet and widths of 4 to 5 feet and can be left in its natural form or trimmed to a specific size or shape.

Mast Trees do very well in confined areas and have a multitude of uses. They are stunning when used to line avenues or driveways, and make excellent tall hedges, privacy screens, noise screens, windbreaks, and architectural accents to frame entryways, soften building corners and vertical edges, and cover vertical drain-pipes.

The feathery, wavy-edged leaves mature from a pale lime green to a coppery brown and, eventually, to a shiny dark green. They hang in layers from drooping branches. Leaves remain on the tree in all seasons, almost completely covering the trunk. This creates an eye-catching color contrast in any landscape. In the spring, fragrant star-like pale green flowers will attract birds, bees and butterflies.

Mast Trees are easy to maintain, have very little leaf drop, no notable pest threats, are drought-tolerant, moderately salt-tolerant, prefer well-drained rich clay, loam or sandy soils, and will thrive in full sun and tolerate partial shade. Young plants need protection from winds, but the trees are remarkably flexible when mature and will bend like bamboos in a storm.

If you are in Florida and looking for Southern Italian Cypress Trees for Sale then perhaps you will be excited to learn about Mast Trees from Palmco. They are great alternatives to those stately Italian trees and will be much happier in your Florida landscape. If this interests you, feel free to call us Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, at (239) 283-1329.