Seasonal Palms For Sale

Seasonal Palms For Sale

We understand that architectural and landscape design often has to follow the seasons.

When you are looking for seasonal palms for sale, Palmco is the answer.

We grow twenty varieties of palm trees on our 600 acre palm plantation, one of the largest in the continental United States. We can provide both exotic and readily available palms to meet your seasonal needs.

When preparing for a seasonal palm installation, you may be looking for palms that will remain in planters. We have several specimens that can fill those requirements. Additionally, we offer palms that grow in untraditional environments; this means that we produce cold hardy varieties.

Feel free to contact our customer service experts to have all your palm tree questions answered. With over thirty years of expertise in this field, you can trust our advice.

Seasonal Palm Options

Consider the following seasonal palm options:

Bottle Palm – This relatively small palm is an amazing accent element with unique appeal. Its base looks swollen, giving it a bottle shape exclusive to this species. Its propensity for slow growth and height max of 12 feet make it a perfect addition to your seasonal design needs. This palm is best suited for the warmer climates found in zones 10b-11.

Lady Palm – Suitable for both indoor and outdoor décor, this palm averages only 7 feet in height. Frequently called a Bamboo Palm due to its clumping pattern, the Lady Palm is cold hardy to 25° within zones 9a-11. This is a popular palm thanks to its relatively small size and container sustainability.

European Fan Palm – One of the cold hardy palms on this list, capable of surviving at 10°F, the European Fan is most noted for its adaptability. Thanks to its ability to grow in zones 8a-11 and its small stature (reaching an average height of 10 feet) this palm has gained a good deal of popularity. It will make an impressive exotic focal point in your seasonal layouts.

Jelly Palm (or Pindo) – Getting its name from the fact that its fruit makes a magnificent jelly, the Jelly Palm is terrifically cold hardy (enduring 5°F temperatures). This is considered a dual purpose palm, offering shade and fruit, but be careful deciding where to plant it as the fruit can be very messy when dropped.

Phoenix Roebelenii Palm – Also known as the Pygmy Date Palm, this Southeast Asia native only reaches an average height of 10 feet. It is perfect for entryways or in courtyards. This palm variety prefers the warmer weather, suited for zones 10a-11 but has been known to tolerate temperatures in the teens. It’s mostly pest resistant and produces edible fruit.

With five palm species to consider here, and many more possibilities available, we are certain that we have seasonal palms for sale that will meet your requirements.

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