Sarasota Palm Trees for Sale

Sarasota Palm Trees For Sale

You may think of palm trees as those traditional long-trunked specimens with coconuts hanging under their majestic fronds, expecting to see them in tropical environments.

However, palms are common in Florida, California, Arizona, Texas and many other states, and most varieties of palms don’t produce coconuts. When you are looking for Sarasota palm trees for sale to enhance your customer’s landscape, visit our palm tree nursery on Pine Island, Florida.

The only palm tree that produces coconuts is the Coconut Palm, also known as the Cocos nucifera.

It grows best in warm weather. In the U.S., Coconut Palms can only survive in Hawaii, some areas of Texas, and in south Florida. An unexpected frost or weather colder than 40°F can seriously inhibit the growth of a Coconut Palm tree and prevent it from producing coconuts.

Palmco grows only the highest quality Jamaican Certified Cocos nucifera seeds because they are resistant to Lethal Yellowing disease.

During the last four decades, outbreaks of the disease killed most of the once prevalent tall-type coconut cultivars in Florida and Jamaica, as well as those in Mexico and the Caribbean. The disease was eventually attributed to a virus that is spread by the planthopper insect, common in south Florida. Resistant Coconut Palms have been developed and planted on a large scale in Jamaica.

Palmco has these two varieties of Coconut Palms available:

Green Malayan Coconut Palm

Cocos nucifera, most commonly known as the Green Malayan or Dwarf Malayan, has a thinner trunk and petiole than its big brother the Maypan but grows just as tall. It’s the beautiful palm tree you see in thousands of vacation sunset and sunrise photos. When mature, the Malayan Coconut produces coconuts for consumption and nutrition. 

The term “dwarf” refers only to the size at which the tree will begin to fruit. A Green Malayan will begin to produce at approximately 2’-3’ of grey wood, while the Maypan will not produce until it reaches approximately 6’-8’ of grey wood.  These palms are renowned for their ability to withstand drought and elevated saline conditions, but only after they are well established.

Maypan Coconut Palm

Cocos nucifera, also refers to the Maypan Coconut, which originates in Jamaica, is a single-trunk big-bottomed palm that can grow from 50 to 80 feet tall, with a moderate growth rate. It is a hybrid and has been engineered to be an exceptionally cold hardy palm. The Maypan is very sturdy, has a high salt tolerance and the ability to grow in full the sun, making it ideal for growing on or near the beach. And you never have to worry about pruning it; when a frond dies or a coconut is ripe, it will fall from the tree.

Coconut Palms are perhaps the widest-grown palms in the world. They may live as long as 100 years, producing fruits till 80 years of age. They grow best in moist well-drained soil where average temperatures are around 72°F with a lot of rainfall. They need full sun for optimal growth. Coconut Palms have a single trunk with smooth grey bark, and are marked by ringed scars left by fallen leafbases.

If you are considering a Coconut Palm for your landscape, keep in mind that they don’t always grow totally straight up and down. If they are too shaded, they will lean as their canopy reaches for the sun, so plant them where this will not be a problem.

Palmco has Sarasota palm trees for sale in 40 different varieties.

Whether or not you have an interest in coconuts, contact us at (239) 283-1329 to discuss the spectacular palms that will thrive in your area.