Sago Palms For Sale

Sago Palms For Sale

Palmco is proud to be Florida’s premier grower and wholesaler of quality palm trees.

We grow our palms on beautiful Pine Island, just off the coast of Florida, with the experience of four generations of growers. You will find Sago Palms for sale along with 20-plus palm varieties.

There is a palm tree for every customer here at Palmco!

Among the many palm trees that we offer are the Bottle Palm and the King Alexander palm.

Bottle Palms, with their relatively small size, are wonderful accent trees, and will lend a tropical air wherever they are planted. King Alexander palms are tall, noble trees that make quite a statement when used to complement a well-landscaped area.

We also offer Sago palms, which are beautiful, manageable house-plants that can be potted indoors or outdoors. Sago palms’ small size makes them ideal for accenting a room, patio, or deck.

What is a Sago palm?

The Sago palm – or Cycas revolute – is a small, easily-grown houseplant with feathery foliage. It is, despite its name, not a palm at all – rather, it is a cycad plant. Cycad plants are some of the oldest plants in the world, dating to prehistoric times. The Sago Palm is, for that reason, a hardy plant, capable of being grown easily.

Growing and Maintaining Sago Palms

Sago palms have been around a long time, and they will likely be around for a long time to come. For their hardiness, they are rather easy to grow and maintain. There are, however, some points to keep in mind.

In general, Sago palms are indoor plants; they can, however, thrive outside in the right climate.

Sago palms do best in very bright light. They can still grow in slightly less light, but as a rule, more light is better with Sagos.

Sago palms do not, however, do well in soil that is too wet. Like other cycads, they require a lot of drainage, and respond poorly to over-watering. Root rot is one of the potential problems with Sago palms, so it is very important to have well-drained soil.

Regular fertilizing is a requirement for healthy Sago palms.

In time, with years of fertilization, they will begin to bloom. This occurs usually every three years, and most often during the late spring.

Where to Put Sago Palms

Sago palms are extremely versatile houseplants that can accommodate a variety of indoor design and outdoor landscaping needs. Indoors, they can be used to accent a living space, or they can be featured to add a tropical aesthetic to a room. Outdoors, they work wonderfully well on decks, patios, in gardens, along walkways, and around a yard.

How We Grow Our Palms

We grow all our palms in a state-of-the-art nursery on Pine Island.

We have a commitment to careful, responsible cultivation, which ensures the quality of our palms. Here at Palmco, we care about the environment, and we know that care makes our palms even better.

Using modern growing practices, we ensure that the soil and groundwater that feeds our plants stays clean and pure. Our attention to detail and commitment to the health of our palms’ environment ensures that we can deliver the richest, lushest and most robust plants you can buy.

If you’re interested in the Sago Palms we have for sale or any of our other beautiful varieties of cold-hardy palms, come on by and visit us in person or call us to speak to one of our experts at: (239) 283-1329 or (855) GOPALMCO.