Sago Palm Care

Sago Palm Care

Despite what you may have heard about sago palm care, the truth is, these are not palms at all. But, the experts at Palmco can still help you ensure that the sago “palms” in your customer’s yards and homes are healthy and attractive.

Palmco, a family owned business, is a premier palm tree purveyor owning one of the largest palm tree plantations in North America. We are located on gorgeous Pine Island with more than 600 acres of palm and bamboo production. Our four generations of experience guarantee that we are your best resource for all things palm and bamboo!

Caring for Sago Palms

As we have already told you, sago palms aren’t palms. They are cycads, part of a group of ancient subtropical and tropical plants. While they are native to warmer climates, many of them are grown indoors where the climate is less than ideal.

These plants are incredibly slow-growing and may only sprout one new frond each year. The full pot size for a sago palm is just 2 feet in height, but it might take up to six years for it to reach that.

Thankfully, sago palms are not hard to grow. However, the conditions they require are pretty specific. Here are the things you must provide when caring for sago palms: