Preventing Palm Tree Bugs Florida

Preventing Palm Tree Bugs Florida

Preventing palm tree bugs in Florida is no easy task. Palmco knows the dangers that await the palm trees you use for your commercial and residential installations, and we can help you keep these trees in optimum health.

At Palmco, a family owned business, we have four generations of experience propagating and selling palm trees. Our more than 600 acres, located on beautiful Pine Island in Florida, is home to one of the largest palm tree plantations in North America. And, our green growing processes help ensure that our customers only receive pristine specimens that arrive on time.

Common Palm Tree Bugs

Like any other plant, palm trees can be susceptible to damage from bugs that prey specifically on them. There are a number of bugs that fall into this category, and knowing which kind you are dealing with will help you avoid the damage they can cause. Here are some of the types of palm tree bugs:

Leafhoppers- These are the number one cause of Lethal Yellowing, a disease that is most prevalent in coconut palms. Leafhopper damage is characterized by leaf speckling that is caused when the leafhoppers suck sap and plant juices from the plant tissue. Young plants and new growth are especially susceptible to being stunted or deformed by leafhopper feeding.

Whitefly- This is an insect common to Florida that leaves a sugary substance, called “honeydew,” that sticks to the palm’s fronds and leaves. These insects multiply quickly and are generally the cause of sooty mold. Sooty mold will lead to leaf drop and is noticeable due to its dark build up on the leaves it affects.

Palmetto Weevils- This pest is North America’s largest weevil and can be found throughout Florida. It prefers the Cabbage Palm but will infest Saw Palmettos and, occasionally, Canary Island Date Palms, Royal Palms, Washingtonia Palms, and some coconut palms.

Caterpillars- There are several dangerous caterpillars in this category, including the Cabbage Palm Caterpillar and the Palm Budworm. The first feeds on palm blossoms and then enters the bark of the tree. The second also feed on the blossoms, especially on fan palms, but attack the buds and can strip trees of all their blooms.

Whenever you install new palms, it is important to monitor them carefully. This will always be your first line of defense and can help prevent infestations. Biological controls are recommended for the purpose of preventing many of these dangerous insects.

Regardless of which insect has attacked the palms under your care, it is important to access an insecticide that is specifically designed for palm trees and their maintenance. Fungicide drenches can also help protect against the diseases that these bugs carry.

Preventing palm tree bugs in Florida may seem like an overwhelming chore. But, with the help of the experts at Palmco, you can rest assured you will know how to deal with each and every issue that affects palm trees. If you have questions, or would like to place an order, please give us a call at (239) 283-1329.