Phoenix Reclinata For Sale

Phoenix Reclinata For Sale

About thirty years ago, we started this business hoping to create one of the nation’s largest palm plantations.

We succeeded!

Today you will find the Phoenix Reclinata and 20 other varieties of wholesale palm trees for sale at Palmco.

We grow our award-worthy palms on 600 acres of gorgeous island space.

We’re located on Pine Island in Florida and have created a veritable paradise for all who venture in. Feel free to tour our facilities prior to purchase.

Palm trees are our business. We utilize “green” growing methodologies and are certain we can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about a Phoenix Reclinata or other variety of palm tree.

Phoenix Reclinata Facts

Phoenix Reclinata is actually the palm’s scientific name.

However, many people know it as the Senegal Date Palm, so named for its African origin and propensity to produce fruit. The fruit is edible and follows the female flower. It’s similar to those you’d purchase in the store for your holiday cooking or personal enjoyment. But, the date from this tree is less fleshy than a store-bought variety.

The Reclinata, as it is often called, isn’t just useful for its fruit-bearing capabilities. In truth, the natives use its fiber to create mats, baskets, string, roofing material and rope. Its leaves have been used to produce a brown substance with the qualities of dye, and its sap can be brewed to create palm wine.

This is certainly a multi-functional tree.

No doubt your customers are probably more concerned with how it will beautify their yards.

So, you can let them know that Phoenix Reclinata makes an awesome specimen plant when used on campus, in parks or residential landscapes. It is a stately tree that is certain to demand attention. Some people are so proud of the Reclinata’s stature they have even set up spotlights to draw further attention to its grandeur.

Its’ stems curve gracefully and, as an unusual palm, it grows in large clumps.

It can be successful in container designs but it prefers well-drained soil in bright sunny locations. This enables it to reach average max heights of 25-30 feet. It will grow relatively rapidly and there are no two exactly alike. This makes Phoenix Reclinata a perfect dramatic addition to your landscape design.

Why Palmco?

We mentioned, previously, our desire to be as “green” as possible in our propagation techniques. Therefore we utilize state of the art irrigation systems.

Additionally, we employ a recycling program that enables us to reuse plant waste and by-product material by converting it into mulch.

This helps limit the amount of rubbish we add to landfills.

We never use restricted chemicals, and we spoon feed our fertilizer to make sure it’s only going where it needs to go. We don’t want to contribute to leaching or run-off problems.

Our recycled mulch helps us retain water and thereby reduce leaching possibilities. Protecting the island that sustains our palms is as important to us as growing quality products.

If you have questions about the sale of a Phoenix Reclinata, or if you’d just like to ask some other palm or wholesale bamboo based questions, our experts are available five days a week.

Please give them a call to place an order and schedule a visit (239) 283 1329.