Palm Trees for Sale in Tampa, Florida

Palm Trees for Sale in Tampa, Florida

Have your clients been asking you to find palm trees for sale in Tampa, Florida? Palmco is the answer for architects and landscape designers who are looking for the choicest palms ranging from the exotic and rare to the most abundant and widely used.

Palmco is a family owned business established in 1984. We are located on charming Pine Island in Florida and are home to one of the nation’s largest palm tree plantations. In fact, we have over 600 acres of palm tree production and three generations of expertise in the industry.

Best Palms for Tampa

Tampa falls into the USDA Zone 9B. This zoning determines which plants, palms included, will grow best in that area. Here are some of the best palms for your clients in Tampa:

Canary (Phoenix canariensis). Native to the Canary Islands, the Canary Island Date palm is one of the most widely used landscape palms in the southeast. It is slow growing but can reach heights of up to 40 feet. It is prized for its bold and formal appearance and its extreme hardiness. The massive solitary canopy is absolutely memorable and highly visible. The majestic crown shaft of this palm resembles a pineapple but must be consistently manicured to keep this appearance intact.

Chinese Fan (Livistona chinensis). Hailing from both China and Southern Japan, this palm is well known for its slow growing nature and only gets to be about 25 feet tall. Fan palms are incredibly handsome because they boast a wide spreading canopy with long leaf segment tips that hang gracefully giving them a weeping appearance. For customers who want a stylized look and feel, consider putting a Diamond Cut or our Palmco Cut on the trunk. This palm grows well in Zones 9a to 11 and can withstand temps slightly below 0°F for limited time periods.

Lady (Rhapis excelsa). China is the native country for this palm that will only grow to about 7 feet in height. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. It also resembles bamboo and is often called the Bamboo Palm due to its bushy appearance and growth pattern. The Lady Palm is popular in smaller landscaping projects, atriums, and corporate settings, as well as single specimen plantings, container plantings, beds and borders. It does best when grown in full shade. It can also tolerate partial shade, but full sun can burn the leaf tips and cause them to fade to yellowish-green and is not recommended on a consistent basis.

Mule (xButiagrus nabonnandii). A unique palm that is native to Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil, the Mule palm is the one for you when you need a grand eye-catching conversation piece that no one else in the neighborhood is likely to have. It’s a man-made hybrid between the Pindo and the Queen palms, and mature specimens are quite rare. Mule Palms have a dark brown trunk with massive caliper. The pinnate structured fronds are long with wide, dark green leaflets that look like a coconut palm. Despite the tropical appearance, this palm is cold hardy down to about 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Palmco should be the place you look when you are searching for palm trees for sale to plant in Tampa, Florida. We are a premiere palm tree purveyor. Should you have additional questions or want to place an order, you can contact our experts at (239) 283 1329.