Palm Trees for Sale in The Villages, Florida

Few things offer more beautiful additions to tropical landscapes than palm trees. At Palmco, we believe that your region is suitable for palm tree growing if you live in a warm and sunny area such as The Villages, Florida. We encourage you to visit our palm tree nursery in Bokeelia, Florida, for a look at our spectacular palms and clumping bamboo.

Choose a Suitable Palm Tree

Palm Trees for Sale in The Villages, FloridaThere are over 2,500 varieties of palm trees, so choosing just the right palm for your project can be difficult. The type of project will usually dictate the palms you should use. Smaller palm trees make great screens or property dividers. Larger trees make a statement in any project. Here are some of the most popular palm trees in Florida and a little about each one. Every project is different, so choose what works best for you!

Canary Palm Tree

This slow-growing palm is prized for its formal and bold appearance and extreme hardiness, allowing it to be used throughout much of the southern U.S., including California, Texas, the Gulf Coast States, and Florida. The reasonably cold tolerant palm is suitable for Zone 9a and above and is extremely drought tolerant once established. These palms do not like “wet feet” and will show signs of decline if planted in poorly drained soil types. Phoenix Canariensis makes an impressive statement with the massive ball on the top of the tree. It has a huge canopy and caliper, but the majestic shaft needs to be manicured to maintain a nice appearance.

Chinese Fan Palm

Chinese Fans are well known for their slow growth. They tolerate infertile soils reasonably well but will do much better with good nutrition. Total sun exposure is ideal for Chinese Fans, so pay close attention to that when determining where best to plant these in your landscape designs and layouts. The canopies of the Chinese Fan are wide-spreading, but their long leaf segments hang gracefully at their tips. This gives the palm a weeping appearance. If you want the palm to stand out in your installation, you might consider adding a Diamond Cut or the Palmco Cut to the trunk. It provides the tree with a uniquely stylized appearance.

High Plateau Coconut Palm

A newer palm for those of us at Palmco, the High Plateau Coconut is a native of Madagascar. These palms are hardy against fire, drought, frost, cold, and hurricanes. High Plateau Coconuts appear to be resistant to Lethal Yellowing too. They generally reach heights between 30 and 50 feet tall and grow slowly. You will see the most success with these palms when you plant them in USDA Zones 9A-11. They prefer full sun and can handle various soil types, though they naturally grow along sandy riverbeds. It’s a good idea to ensure they get the appropriate amount of water to keep them in optimum health.

Sabal Palm (Cabbage Palm)

Sabal Palms are Florida’s state tree. They are also called Cabbage Palms because the central bud of the palm is edible. This edible part is called the “heart of palm.” They grow at a very slow rate and are generally harvested from the wild. They are prized for their extreme hardiness, availability, and low cost. If you opt to include Sabal palms in your landscaping design, know that they require a good deal of water during the transplantation process. If this is your first time purchasing a Sabal palm, you should know that they come slick, booted, curved, or regenerated. Sabals are typically sold with the “hurricane cut” (with no head) to help them through the transplant process.

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