Palm Trees for Sale in Largo, Florida

Palm trees may be the most recognizable on the planet, and they are extremely popular, especially in tropical and subtropical climates. Palmco offers many palm tree species for sale that are suitable for Largo, Florida.

Palm Trees for Sale in Largo, FloridaBesides their beauty and stature, palm trees are known for many other things. Here are some surprising facts about our tropical beauties.

  • More than two thousand species of palm trees grow throughout the planet, each suited to specific climate zones. There are particular palm tree species for deserts, rainforests, and even cold, temperate climates.
  • Palm trees are classified as monocots, the same family as grass. Although many people classify palm trees as “trees,” they are not indeed trees, and palm trees are more closely related to grass than trees.
  • Palm trees have two main types of leaf systems: palmate and pinnate. The former grows on the tips of a stem while the latter grows along the stem on either side.
  • Palm trees serve as religious and cultural symbols. In Judaism, palm trees symbolize peace. In Christianity, palm leaves symbolize the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, sometimes known as Palm Sunday.
  • Palm trees are excellent food sources, with coconuts being the most popular. They also produce betel nuts, acai fruits, and dates.

Largo and Palm Trees

Largo, on the low-lying Pinellas Peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, enjoys a humid subtropical climate with frequent thunderstorms in summer and reasonably dry winters.

The USDA hardiness zone map places Largo in Zone 10a, with average annual minimum winter temperatures of 30 to 35°F; however, surrounding parts of Pinellas County are in USDA Zones 9b and 10b. The palms thrive in the Largo area:

Canary Palm – This slow-growing palm, also called the Canary Island Date Palm and the Pineapple Palm, is valued for its impressive appearance and hardiness. It has a massive canopy and caliper, and typically grows to 50 or 60 feet with a trunk thicker than a bridge support. The majestic crownshaft of the Canary Palm resembles a pineapple, but it has to be manicured to keep it looking good. It grows well in Largo, throughout Florida, and much of the southern U.S.

Fishtail Palm – This palm was named for its unusual fishtail-shaped leaves and thick, swirled layers of ruffled fronds. Fishtails make lovely privacy screens that are a great alternative to bamboo. They grow at a moderate rate to about 20 to 25 feet. At Palmco, we grow our Fishtail palms in the field and keep a limited inventory of container material available. Many of our plants have as many as nine heads and make stunning stand-alone centerpieces.

Paurotis Palm – The beautiful clustering Paurotis Palm, also known as the Everglades Palm, forms a tropical oasis of slim trunks, fan-shaped leaves, and a casual, naturalized Florida look. The leaves are green on top and silver underneath. This palm makes a great focal point and looks spectacular with nighttime uplighting. It grows slowly in full to partial sun, tolerates salt, and can eventually grow to 25 feet with a spread as wide as 15 feet.

Palmco is trusted by many landscapers in Largo, Florida, for quality palm trees. Visit our website today to order. When you buy palm trees from Palmco, you get quality trees for your landscaping project.