Palm Trees for Sale in Doral, Florida

Commercial contractors and landscape architects in Doral, Florida, specializing in creating tropical landscapes love palm trees. These plants evoke a sense of beauty and tropical vibes on any property. Palmco has a vast collection of clumping bamboos, palm trees, and mast trees in our 600-acre plantation in beautiful Pine Island, FL. We offer our trees for sale at some of the most competitive rates in the country. 

Palm Species

Palm Trees for Sale in Doral, FloridaIt is advisable to consider the features and type of palm tree you want for your landscape. Some palm trees varieties can grow up to 50 feet tall, while others have dwarf features. In addition, some palm tree species have multiple care requirements while others are low maintenance. 

Low Maintenance Palm Trees

Many landscape architects and contractors prefer to incorporate low-maintenance palm trees in their landscapes. These palm tree varieties do not require much work to maintain and still bring beauty to landscapes. 

King Palm

This plant has multiple variations that are closely related to each other. King Palm is low-maintenance and grows extremely fast. However, this plant requires rich soils with excellent drainage. In addition, they grow well in areas with low humidity and full sun exposure. 

Adonidia Palms

This plant has a simple structure and often produces scarlet fruits during winter and fall, giving the plant a Christmas-like aura. Adonidia palm is low maintenance thanks to its self-cleaning nature that allows it to drop its dead fronds on its own. However, Adonidia is vulnerable to damage from frost and cold. Therefore, this plant does well in hot, tropical climates. 

Alexander Palm

The Alexander Palm is a close variance of King Palm. It is low maintenance and can grow extremely fast with the right conditions. It is one of the most-popular mid-size palm trees on our plantation. It grows well in warm climates and rich soils. Alexander requires regular fertilization during spring and fall to maintain frond health. 

Foxtail Palm

As the name might suggest, foxtail palms have dense foliage and often bend, making them look like foxtails. Foxtail Palms grow in hot climates and have fast growth rates. In addition, the tree is moderately tolerant to drought and is extremely low maintenance. Foxtail palms can produce lush, beautiful foliage with adequate watering. 

Dwarf Sugar

The Dwarf Sugar Plam is an excellent choice for landscape architects and contractors looking for a palm tree that maintains its texture and color throughout the year. They have a rugged appearance, rough texture, and soft fronds. They grow exceptionally well in hot climates and require little maintenance. Landscape architects often incorporate Dwarf Palm trees in areas that do not have large trees because they grow very slowly. 

European Fan Palm

This is one of the few palm tree species in our plantation indigenous to Europe. Like the Mediterranean Fan Palm, the European Fan Palm has fan-like fronds giving it a distinct look. The plant is very low maintenance and does well in low-temperature areas. Landscape architects and contractors usually avoid planting this palm variety near saltwater bodies. 

Areca Palm

The Areca Palm is a low-maintenance plant that is incredibly sensitive to fertilizer minerals. It is very popular among landscape architects and contractors because of its aesthetic appeal. In addition, they are affordable compared to other palm tree varieties. 

Palmco is a leading wholesaler of clumping bamboo, mast trees, and palm trees in the U.S. Our trees are of excellent quality, which explains why many contractors and landscape architects rely on us for their wholesale plants. In addition, our growers are experienced and care for our trees with much thought. 

Are you looking for palm trees for sale in Doral, Florida? Please reach out to Palmco to order.