Palm Trees for Sale in Brandon, Florida

Although palm trees for sale in Brandon are often viewed as exotic plants that thrive in hot climates, the varieties at Palmco are cold-hardy. Therefore, whether you are a landscaper, contractor, landscape architect, or commercial developer, you can always find suitable palm tree species for your climate. We have an extensive collection of palm tree species in our Pine Island, Florida plantation. However, some species are more popular than others. Many contractors and landscapers who buy from us have soft spots for the following palm tree species.

Areca Palm Tree

Palm Trees for Sale in Brandon, FloridaThis Madagascar native is one of our most popular palm trees. These species feature a vibrant tropical look with many feathery fronds and shoots like Bamboo. Its features make for a stunning display in any landscape. Areca looks beautiful and is incredibly easy to maintain. In addition, it is moderately cold-hardy and can thrive in partial sunlight. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause their fronds to turn yellow.

This plant is excessively sensitive to overwatering. Therefore, it should not be planted in poor-draining soils. It is essential to water the plant sparingly to prevent soggy roots. Experienced landscapers recommend watering the plant once per week and fertilizing it once per month. Use liquid fertilizers, palm fertilizer, or slow-release pellets during spring and summer. 

One of the best characteristics of this palm tree is its ability to withstand trimming without experiencing any adverse health effects. It is a favorite palm tree species with landscapers because they can keep it on their landscapes for its entire lifespan. In addition, Areca does not have excessive pruning requirements. Dead fronds fall off independently, making it extremely low maintenance.

Windmill Palm Trees

This palm tree species is known for its large rounded leaves on a slender trunk. As the name might suggest, the general appearance of this plant resembles a windmill. Contrary to the common misconception, windmill palm trees do not require hot climates to thrive. The native of China is a cold-hardy plant that tolerates all sorts of bad weather. This makes it a popular choice for diverse landscapes.

Windmill palm trees do well in both cold and hot climates. It remains dormant during winter, which is good news for landscapers because it barely requires pruning or maintenance during this period. Like Areca, Windmill palm trees do well in fertile, well-drained soils with moderate watering. Overwatering could cause the plant’s roots to rot. Therefore, it is essential to let the topsoil dry up first before watering the palm trees.

Landscapers use a slow-release fertilizer to nourish windmill palm trees during spring and summer. Our growers add fertilizer to this palm tree during spring and summer because the plant experiences most of its growth during this time. The only maintenance windmill palm trees require the removal of dead leaves and weak fronds.

European Fan Palm Trees

The European fan palm is a native of Mediterranean Europe and is stunning and exotic. They are popular palm tree species for landscaping architects throughout the U.S. because they can tolerate hot and cold climates. Our growers recommend letting the topsoil dry up first before watering European fan palms. European fan palms are prone to root rot with excessive watering like the windmill palm.

Palmco has one of the most extensive nurseries in the U.S., containing many palm tree varieties, including the European fan, Windmill, Areca, fishtail, foxtail, and dwarf sugar. Our horticulturalists understand the growing requirements of our palm trees, which is why we supply our clients with quality palm trees.

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