Palm Trees for Sale in Boynton Beach, Florida

For many people, the ultimate definition of a tropical landscape includes palm trees. This is why many landscape architects, contractors, and developers include palm trees in their landscaping projects. If you are searching for palm trees for sale in Boynton Beach, Florida, Palmco can help you find the best specimens for your landscaping project.

Palm Trees for Sale in Boynton Beach, FloridaWe have a wide variety of palm trees in our Pine Island, FL plantation giving you an endless choice. As experienced landscapers who love what we do, we understand how difficult it can be to choose the best palm trees for your landscaping project. Therefore, we have compiled some of our most popular palm tree varieties.

Coconut Palm Tree

Also known as Cocus Nucifera, this is one of the most affordable palm tree varieties on the market. It is a typical symbol of tropical climates, exuding salty water and sandy soils. Coconut palm trees are standard features in many beach landscapes throughout the U.S. This plant looks majestic and has multiple uses. Its fruits provide a refreshing drink and can make curries, oil, and palm wine. The shells of the fruits of this tree can be used to make ornaments and other types of art. Some communities use the trunk of this tree to make rafters, roofing, brooms, furniture, and baskets.

Date Palm Tree

This is one of the oldest palm tree varieties in the world. As the name might suggest, date palm trees produce a nutritious fruit called dates, a delicacy in the Middle East and other world regions. The date palm tree is one of the fastest-growing plants in its species, capable of reaching up to 100 feet. In addition, it features solid trunks and is often covered with bumpy scales. Its leaves look like feathers and can cover lengths of 18 feet.

Date palm trees are a valuable plant because they do not only add elements of beauty and tropical feel to a landscape, but they also produce food. Considering the fact that this plant does well in harsh climates, it provides an excellent source of food for many communities living in areas where other food crops would not grow. It can go for prolonged periods without watering and survive some of the harshest climates. The best part is the older it grows, the more fruits it produces.

Caranday Palm Tree

This palm tree variety is popular with landscapers throughout the U.S. a native of South America, including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay, Caranday is incredibly beautiful. However, it is not one of the fastest-growing palm tree varieties.

Also known as the wax palm tree, Caranday leaves produce wax, one of the main ingredients for making candles and polishes. The wax is also used to make other cosmetic products. Despite its slow growth, many commercial developers and landscape architects love to include this plant in their projects because of its physical beauty. In addition, this plant can tolerate drought and salty conditions. It features beautiful fan-shaped leaves that spread outwards from its robust trunk. This plant can tolerate mild cold and often produces edible fruits during winter.

There are more than 2600 palm tree varieties globally, some of which are not available in the U.S. Each palm tree variety has specific growth and maintenance requirements. Palmco has some of the largest selection of palm tree species in the U.S. Our growers care for palm trees in our 600-acre plantation in Bokeelia, FL. In addition, we use state-of-the-art watering technology to ensure we produce quality palm tree varieties without wasting scarce water resources.

Are you looking for quality palm trees for sale in Boynton Beach, Florida? Please contact Palmco today to place an order.