Palm Tree Sellers Near Me

You can end your search for palm tree sellers near you at Palmco. We are home to one of the largest palm tree plantations in the country. And, we are located in the ideal spot to grow palms – Florida.

Palmco is a family owned business established in 1984. We produce over 600 acres of the choicest palms available. In fact, we carry everything from the most widely used and abundant palms to those that are both exotic and rare. Our palms can be found at some of the most prestigious locations in the world.

We pride ourselves in our exceptional customer service and our green growing processes. All the plant waste and by-product material we produce is recycled into mulch that we reuse in our own palm tree beds. This decreases our water usage, increases our soil moisture retention, and improves its fertility and richness. Plus, we never use restricted use chemicals on our trees.

So, when your clients decide that they want palm trees installed in their yards, parks, or other locations, we are your premier palm tree purveyor. Our palms always arrive on time and in pristine, ready to plant condition.

Palm Options

There are many palm tree species available throughout the world. We raise over 30 species of the most well loved and desirable palms. If you are new to palm trees, however, you probably would like some assistance choosing the best palms for your clients’ space. Here are three of our favorite palm options:

Adonidia. Originating in the Philippines, the Adonidia Palm is often called the Dwarf Royal Palm and the Christmas Palm. It grows moderately quickly to a height of 10 to 20 feet, with gently arching bright green fronds that grow from the top of the crownshaft. In summer, it produces light green buds that turn into creamy white blossoms followed by ripe red fruits in December. This attractive palm can have a single, double or triple trunk.

Alexander. Also known as the Solitaire Palm, this is a sleek and elegant palm from Australia. With its slender trunk and relatively small canopy, it’s ideal for planting in narrow spaces. Old fronds fall off by themselves, so this palm is a maintenance-free dream. Alexander palms love sun and, if protected from cold and drying winds, will grow moderately to 20 to 25 feet. Although this palm grows naturally as a single, at Palmco we also grow them as doubles, triples and even in multi trunk beauties.

Montgomery. Sadly, this tree is one of the most underutilized palms, which is a shame. It has a host of beautiful and practical qualities. It is a fast-growing palm to about 35 feet and has a unique appearance. In summer, the tree bears yellow flowers followed by fruit that ripens to bright red. Montgomery Palms are moderately salt- and drought-tolerant and can tolerate a mild frost but prefer a sunny, well-drained location.

Locating palm tree sellers near you may not be difficult. However, finding one with the extensive knowledge and experience of Palmco may be impossible. We welcome your questions and would love to talk to you more about your clients’ palm tree needs. Give us a call at (239) 283 1329.