Palm Tree Nursery Venice, Florida

The best palm tree nursery you will find in Venice, Florida is Palmco. Palmco was established in 1984 by Mark and Ronda Dean on charming Pine Island; a sleepy fishing and farming community located off the west coast of Florida.

Palm Tree Nursery Venice, FloridaToday, Palmco produces over 600 acres of the choicest palms, ranging from the exotic and rare to the most abundant and widely used, and clumping bamboo. Every plant is nurtured to grow healthy and strong to provide the quality our customers demand. Palmco palms can be found at many prestigious locations around the world.

We do not use any restricted use chemicals at any stage of the growing process. All plant waste and by-product material are constantly recycled into mulch. This mulch is then returned and reused on the palm tree beds. This process not only reduces offsite landfill excess but also decreases our overall water usage, increases soil moisture retention, and greatly improves soil richness and fertility for many years to come.

Palms that Work Well in Venice

If you are looking for wholesale palm trees and bamboo, Palmco can help you make an impressive statement in your landscape with varieties that are well-suited to USDA Zone 9b.

Central Florida is an excellent area for growing many varieties of palm trees, but it’s crucial to know which palms will withstand the coldest weather in your area. As one of the largest palm tree and bamboo plantations in Florida, we are always available to help you determine which plants will work best for you. Here are a few suggestions from our experts:

  • Lady Palm (Rhapis excelsa). This spectacular clustering palm reaches 6 to 12 feet. It has moderate to low light requirements, making it an ideal palm for use in container plantings, beds, borders, and as a privacy screen. It is also a superior interior palm and is often used in places like bank lobbies, hotels, and shopping centers. The slow growing species has classic fan shaped leaves that need shade in order to stay dark green.
  • Triangle Palm (Dypsis decaryi). This is a gorgeous palm which has an unusual shape and coloring, making it an attention-getter in any landscape. It has a triangular crown shaft with an assortment of the colors purple, silver, brown, and green. The leaves arch gracefully upward from the trunk. Use it in tight spaces or near walls where you would hesitate to plant other ornamental palms. They get to a maximum height of about 25 feet and love full, hot sun.
  • Washingtonia (Washingtonia robusta). This fast-growing beauty, also known as the Mexican Fan Palm, is a great choice when you want instant gratification. This palm can reach heights between 70 feet and 100 feet, which makes it ideal for street planting or large open areas where height isn’t a problem. They are also very cold-hardy and will grow anywhere in Florida as well as in the southern parts of Texas and South Carolina.

Palmco is the best palm tree nursery near Venice, Florida. Our experts have more than three generations of palm growing expertise. Give us a call today at 239.283.1329 to ask questions, learn more about our palms, or place an order.