Palm Tree Nursery In Broward County Florida

Broward County Florida incorporates USDA growth zones 10a and 10b.

If you are looking for a palm tree nursery in the area, consider Palmco, one of the nation’s largest palm tree purveyors. 

Located on Pine Island on a 600 acre palm plantation, we are the go-to nursery for all your palm needs. We have been palm tree experts for over 30 years and grow 20 species of palms (including rare varieties) that are well-suited to your landscaping projects in Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Miramar, Dania Beach, Coral Springs, Plantation and beyond.

South Florida Sunrises Need Palms

Palm trees are the quintessential Florida décor.

They highlight east coast sunrises unlike any other foliage around. Yet, determining which palm best suits your clientele might be a little overwhelming. Therefore, we’d like to suggest a few varieties that work best in the Broward County growth zones:

  • Roebelenii Palm
    Also known as the Pygmy Date Palm, this tree originates in Southeast Asia. It makes a great source of décor for restaurants and shopping centers and can be grown in containers due to its small size. Additionally, it can make a great centerpiece in client gardens thanks to its ability to grow multiple heads.

  • Royal Palm
    Some consider this the best looking palm tree in the world. It can indeed be quite majestic reaching a height of upwards of 70 feet. This palm is self-cleaning and often used to line streets and create tropical barriers. Royals can grow up to a foot a year and require supplemental irrigation due to their love of water.

  • Sabal Palm
    Florida’s state tree, the Sabal Palm, is well known for its edible heart and is often called the Cabbage Palm. It is a very hardy and inexpensive tree, though it must be harvested from the wild. When utilized in the proper décor, the Sabal palm can accentuate the true beauty of Southern charm.

  • Silver Bismarckia
    Originating from Madagascar, one of the most beautiful places on Earth, it’s no wonder that this is a very desirable and highly admired palm species. These palms have silvery powder blue leaves that command the attention of all who come in contact with them. As a self-pruning palm the Silver Bismarckia is considered fairly low maintenance. However, it has an extensive root system that should be planted 8-10 feet from pavement and structures.

Palmco Provides

When you contact Palmco about your palm tree needs, our customer service experts are ready to make recommendations and answer questions. Additionally, they can provide you with photographs of the exact trees you are ordering. We can arrange shipping or work with your personal shipping company.

We understand that your design success is a reflection on our business as well.

We are ready to partner with you to ensure that everyone is pleased with service and product. In fact, we welcome visits and tours of our facilities so that you can see the pride we take in water conservation and recycling efforts.

Our “green” growing process is what has earned us credibility and recognition, but our exceptional customer service is what keeps us on top.

We will ensure you get beautiful palms delivered on time, every time.

For palms that will flourish in Broward County Florida, call our palm tree nursery today to place an order or get further information.

Palmco can be reached 5 days a week at 1-855-Go-Palmco or 1-239-283-1329.