Palm Nurseries

 Palm Nurseries

Palmco, is one of Florida’s premier grower and wholesale seller of distinctive palm trees.

The experience of four generations of Florida growers goes into our growing practices, which account for the growing of over 20 palm varieties. All of our palms are grown on beautiful land just off the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico and are cultivated in our top-of-the-line nurseries.

Growing Practices

Our nurseries employ advanced growing practices to ensure the highest quality palm trees.

Our growing process prizes quality over all else.

We standardize the quality of our palms from start to finish – our coconut palm tree seeds are certified by the Jamaican Coconut Industry Board, and we take that same level of commitment and care with all of our trees.

The island that Palmco resides on – charming Pine Island – has a moderate climate that’s perfect for long growing seasons. This ensures that we can grow for longer and in better conditions than would otherwise be possible. As one of the largest growers in North America, our plantation measures over 600 acres.

Combined with the long growing season, this amounts to an almost unparalleled number of high-quality cultivated palm trees.

At Palmco, we are concerned with the environment.

Our commitment to sustainable practices and environmental consciousness runs deep. Our growing practices are sustainable every step of the way. This ensures not only a healthy and lasting relationship with our environment, but also the perfect conditions for the healthiest, most robust trees possible.

We are committed to the health of our plants and to the health of the environment, and that commitment is passed on to landscapers, landscape architects and our other wholesale customers, who receive the richest, most lush palms available.


There is a difference between sustainable and non-sustainable practices.

There is a philosophical difference, and there is a practical difference. Growing practices affect the quality of the plants that are grown, and they affect the health of the environment that they are grown in. At Palmco, we are committed to sustainable growing practices that ensure that quality and foster that health.

Non-sustainable growing practices use up the earth.

With each successive generation, the relationship between the growers and the environment becomes more abusive. This not only has ethical and ecological implications, but it is self-defeating: growing becomes harder and harder, and the richness of the results of cultivation diminishes.

Sustainable practices ensure a lasting, positive relationship with the environment – both that of Pine Island and that of the ecosystem at large. This means that, generation after generation, we encourage the natural beauty of our island, while also encouraging the continuing health of our palm trees.

Using modern, state-of-the-art fertilization and irrigation processes, in conjunction with sensitive soil moisture monitoring stations, we at Palmco ensure that the soil and groundwater that nourish and surround our trees stays safe and clean.

As we feed our palms, we protect their environment, contributing to healthier land and more robust trees.

We use no restricted-use chemicals, which means that we don’t use products that harm the earth. We favor instead products and practices that nourish the land – the same land that nourishes our palm trees. In addition, all of our plant waste is recycled and used for mulch in our tree beds.

This not only encourages the health of the soil, but also reduces our usage of water.

We encourage you to come see Palmco’s palm nurseries for yourself or call us to speak to one of our experts at: (239) 283-1329 or (855) GOPALMCO.