Orlando Washingtonia Palms

Searching for Washingtonia palms in Orlando?

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Palmco is Orlando’s premier provider of wholesale Royals, Sabals, Paurotis and Washingtonia palms.  We produce several other cold hardy palms and we are happy to help with all your wholesale palm tree requests.

Florida-grown Washingtonia palms thrive in our wet, warm and sunny climate. The year round sun and our rainy season keep our Washies growing happy and strong all year long.

Even though these palms are native to the southwestern US, they thrive in every landscape we have to offer. Washingtonias are drought tolerant and have minimal irrigation requirements, especially for a tree that grows as tall as this one does.

80′ is the mature height of the Washingtonia.

Traditionally, the fruit of this palm was eaten raw or cooked and can be ground into flour for cakes. The Cahuilla and related tribes used the leaves to make sandals, thatch roofs, and baskets. The stems were used to make cooking utensils.

Palmco’s nursery grown inventory of cold hardy landscaping trees allows us to satisfactorily supply most commercial and residential projects with the palms they require. We go above and beyond to help all of our customers deliver quality palms to their jobsites.

We service all of Florida from this location, including Orlando, Winterpark, Windermere, Celebration, Kissimmee, and all of Central Florida.

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