Orlando Sabal Palms

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Palmco is Orlando’s premiere provider of wholesale palms that include Sabals, Royals, Paurotis, Washingtonia and several other cold hardy palms. We are happy to help with all of your wholesale palm requirements.

Sabal palms grow wild in Florida’s undeveloped farm lands. 

The Sabal Palm was designated the official state tree in 1953. Also known as the "cabbage palm" it is the most widely distributed palm tree in Florida. It is cold tolerant, salt tolerant and drought tolerant. 

The growing heart of the new fronds looks like the head of a cabbage. Thus it’s nick name "cabbage palm". The heart of the cabbage palm can be harvested and eaten. This was a common food for Native Americans, but this practice is very destructive because it will kill the tree.

It is our pleasure to service all of Florida with our nursery and field grown cold hardy palms. Locations in Central Florida include; Orlando, Winterpark, Windermere, Celebration, and Kissimmee.

Palmco has the expertise and materials to handle commercial and residential landscaping projects. We go above and beyond for each and every landscaper and landscape architect to ensure their success.

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