Olando Paurotis Palms

Paurotis Palms in Olando?

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Palmco is Orlando’s premier provider of wholesale palms such as Paurotis, Royals, Sabals and Washingtonia.  We have several varieties of palms available to landscapers for residential and commercial projects.

Paurotis palms naturally grow in a cluster formation, with pups emerging from the soil line at the base of the tree. They do well in zones 10 through 11.

This palm makes an excellent landscaping addition because of its attractive multiple trunks of varying heights. It reaches max heights of 15 to 25 feet and requires little care once established. Conveniently, Paurotis palms are resistant to most pests and diseases that infect other palms.

For best results in the landscape be sure there is 25 feet of overhead space to grow and 15 feet wide.  Carefully choose the other plants you want to grow near the paurotis. Some gardeners choose to have the Paurotis as a stand-alone specimen piece.

Palmco specializes in growing many cold hardy palms in our nursery and then transplanting them to our fields.  Our Paurotis, Sabal, Washingtonia and Royal palms mature in Palmco’s fields on Pine Island.  

We service all of Florida from this location, including Orlando, Winterpark, Windermere, Celebration, Kissimmee, and all of Central Florida.

Palmco has experience in growing, digging and safely transporting wholesale landscaping palms to commercial and residential job sites since 1984.

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