New York Wholesale Palms

Looking for New York wholesale palms?

Palmco is an experienced palm wholesaler growing cold hardy palms for New York and the surrounding areas of Long Island, Newark, Staten Island and Stamford.

Hotels, malls, parties, personal residences… The list goes on!

All of these applications and those you haven’t thought of yet can be enhanced with tropical and cold hardy palms.

We specialize in field grown materials. Those palms come in all shapes and sizes 6’ to 36’. It just depends upon your projects plans. We can supply you with small palms that can be kept in large planters and moved from indoor to outdoor locations as the seasons change.

True cold hardy materials will need special measures to ensure that they survive the severe winter months of the Northeast. The Windmill palm is the by far the most adaptable to the cold.

Windmill palms are native to China.

They grow at altitudes of 300-7000 feet. Proximity to high altitude temperatures and weather conditions has encouraged this palm to adapt to a range in temperatures. 

Growing slowly is a characteristic of the Windmill. Eventually it will reach heights of 40’-60’. The warmer wet summers of the Northeast suit this palm just fine. This slow growing massively cold hardy palm is also a prolific producer of seeds. The seeds or dates as they are sometimes referred to are poisionous to humans but birds and other forest animals love them. 

Due to the hardiness of this palm they can be found further North than is traditionally seen. Industry professionals have found many uses for this palm. It is virtually the most popular cold hardy palm and can be found as far north as BC Canada and even Germany and is catching on in New York.

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