New Orleans Wholesale Palms


Looking for wholesale palms in New Orleans?

Palmco is a palm wholesaler proudly serving select cities in Louisiana!

New Orleans has been called the “most unique city in America”. This vibe also includes the surrounding areas of Marrero, Slidell, Houma and Metairie.

With the influx of numerous cultures that have brought their own customs related to music, food, architecture and celebrations these all have all impacted the area’s taste and style.

Palm tree growers, like Palmco, understand the numerous varieties of palms that are in demand in your area.

The usual suspects include Washingtonias, Queens, Sabals and Sylvesters. Up-and-coming palms on the market are Nitidas, Mules and Chinese Fans.

These palms are all cold hardy to Zone 8b.

Our palm tree farm has Nitida, Mules and Pindo palms in regular crop rotations. These three different palm representations will set your customers landscape apart from all the rest.

The Nitida is one of the fastest growing Livistona. It is cold hardy to 15°F or Zone 8b. There are reports of success stories in zone 7b but these are individual cases.

Mules are a fantastic hybrid that is increasing in popularity. The developing interest is well deserved. This fast-growing palm that is cold hardy to zone 7b or 5°F- 10°F. The parents of this intriguing palm are the Queen and the Pindo palms.

The Mule must be hand pollinated since it is sterile, just like the animal it is named after.

Palmco produces the highest quality palms our farm land will provide. With Mother Nature’s help, plenty of sun and water, as the farmer, we contribute by adding some our specifically calibrated fertilizer blend.

Call Palmco today at 1-855-GOPALMCO. We have customer service representatives with a professional understanding of wholesale landscaping palms. We will review with you the best palm tree options for your install and schedule your delivery.