Naples Wholesale Bamboo

Seeking Naples wholesale bamboo?

You have found your source!

Bamboo has been growing in popularity and has now reached the mainstream landscaping community. Architects are designing it. Landscapers are installing it. Homeowners are asking for it.

Palmco is your local bamboo wholesaler and grower of bamboos. You can buy bamboo plants for your next project in Naples.

As a leader in bamboo farming in Southwest Florida, Palmco is enthusiastic about growing bamboo for the wholesale market in Naples. The same high standards Palmco employs when growing palms are the same exceptional standards we use when growing bamboo.

Currently we are producing 15 species of tropical and cold hardy bamboo.

All of our production of noninvasive clumping varieties. By nature these species are cold hardy from 15-20°F. PERFECT for our sub-tropical winters! Leaf and culm structures are dynamic and topics of endless conversations.

Asian-themed landscaping trends are the ideal opportunity to incorporate notable species of bamboo.

Dwarf Buddha Belly reaches 15 feet in overall height and has a bulbous culm structure that is the topic of conversation whenever someone new is viewing this plant. It is tropical and cold hardy to 28 degrees. It looks beautiful as a standalone piece or as a boarder accent.

The movement toward green living has also helped pave the way for the excitement and interest surrounding the use of bamboo as a live fence, instead of traditional fencing materials.

The footprint of clumping varieties is easily maintained with a lawn mower, weed whacker or even your foot can be used to stamp out new shoots when they are young and tender. It shoots several times a year and maintenance is easy.

Call our local offices today at 239-283-1329 and ask us about our availability.